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Pleated Blinds

  • Reliable functionality - Privacy, glare and sun protection
  • Noticeable craftsmanship - Self-developed, detail-oriented, high-performance
  • Powerful aluminum profiles - No bending or breaking
  • Versatile Mountings - Compact, solid and durable
  • Infinitely adjustable & double braced - No swinging or sagging
  • Suitable for damp rooms - Can be used in kitchens and bathrooms

With their evenly accordion-folded fabric panels, pleated blinds add depth and texture to your windows, creating a visual symphony of design. Most importantly, they allow you to filter and control the incoming light to your own liking while keeping prying eyes out of your home.

Choose a pleated blind fabric to suit your needs: subtly light-filtering, with a special thermal effect or lightly textured, from slightly translucent to completely blackout, but always completely opaque for your privacy.

Sleek & Timeless

Engineered with love

in a Snap

Feel like a pro


Fading eliminated

Pleated Blinds Fabric Collections

The pleated blind fabric is probably the most important component of a pleated blind, as the fabric filters the light and ensures living comfort in your home. We have also developed our Schuette® pleated blind fabrics ourselves and tailored them to the highest requirements for windows, something we are particularly proud of.

From local production, we offer you attractive fabric structures in numerous modern and homely colors. Ideally suited as privacy protection, glare protection or heat protection - or simply as timeless window decoration and a suitable addition to your living concept.

  • 5 collections - Light filtering, Thermo, Blackout
  • 74 colors - Vivid, Carefully selected, Gently colored
  • 100% opaque - For your Privacy
  • UV-resistant - For lifelong charm and color protection of your furniture
  • Oekotex certified - Sustainably and environmentally friendly produced


Best protection

A new Blackout fabric with Maximum Functionality.

Maximize sun protectionand room darkening with our new Schuette® pleated blackout blinds. Equipped with a new type of honeycomb fabric with an asymmetrical cell structure and blackout foil inside the cell.

Excellent heat and cold protection thanks to an insulating layer of air for pleasant temperatures all year round.

First-class noise reduction for a relaxed atmosphere.

Densely woven fabric
10 amazing colors
From 27.99 EUR


Finest material

Densely woven fabric
20 amazing colors
From 12.99 EUR
Free shipping


Heat protection

Protective fabric
20 amazing colors
From 16.99 EUR
Free shipping


Heathered charm

Linen look
7 amazing colors
From 16.99 EUR
Free shipping


Natural texture

Linen look fabric
7 amazing colors
From 16.99 EUR
Free shipping

Pleated Blinds Mounts

Pleated Blinds from Schuette® are mounted tightly on cords, thereby forming a fixed unit with the window or door and can be moved freely (up and down). When the window or door is opened, the tensioned Schuette® pleated blind moves with it and when the window is closed again, the pleated blind fulfills all of its properties again without having to be readjusted.

  • 5 mounts - Suprafix-Technology for all window types and installation situations
  • 2 systems - Drill or No-dril
  • Versatile - For windows and doors made of PVC, wood, aluminum and more
  • High-speed installation - Simple, fast, without special tools. Reliable 60-second installation
  • Color-matched - Available in many colors to match your window frame

Installation without Drilling

Installation time

Quick and easy installation without additional tools

Preservation Index

The window is not damaged by drilling


Strong, but can be removed
without leaving any residue

Installation with Drilling

Installation time

Space-saving installation on the glazing bead close to the window frame or with a 90° angle in front of it.

Preservation Index

A little drilling is required.


Stable connection to the window.
Most solid option lasting forever

Schuette® Pleated Blinds without Drilling

Suprafix Clamp holder "Incognito X"

Practically invisible

Installation without drilling
Window frame 13 - 23 mm
Maximum protection of the rubber seal

Suprafix Clamp holder “With Allen”

Premium, best hold

Installation without drilling
Window frame 5 - 23 mm
Ideal for thin window frames with low clamping depth

Suprafix Mounts “For glueing”

Quick & Easy

Installation without drilling
Glazing bead > 5 mm
Residue-free installation & removal

Suprafix Clamp holder “Double 2in1”


Installation without drilling
Installation with drilling
Window frame 14 - 25 mm
For installation situations with little space above and below the window frame

Schuette® Pleated Blinds with Drilling

Suprafix Clamp holder “Double 2in1”

90°-Brackets & Solid hold

Installation without drilling
Installation with drilling
For screwing onto the window frame or the wall.
Incl. cover caps for screws.

Suprafix Mounts “For screwing”

Small & slip-resistant

Installation with drilling
Glazing beads > 10 mm
For screwing onto the glazing bead.
Incl. compensation holder for sloping glazing beads.

Made-to-measure pleated blinds - tailored to your window

Schuette® made-to-measure pleated blinds are manufactured especially for you and your windows in our family-run factory. We pay attention to even the smallest detail. Our made-to-measure pleated blinds are adjusted to the dimensions of your window with millimeter precision, providing particularly effective and long-lasting protection from prying eyes and annoying sunlight. When manufacturing your unique pleated blind, we ensure that we use specially developed, high-quality materials and workmanship that is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Our user-friendly measuring instructions for the various fixing methods "with drilling" and "without drilling" make it quick and easy for you to measure your windows yourself, so that we can then make your made-to-measure pleated blind to fit you and your windows perfectly. Our clear step-by-step product configurator also allows you to choose from a wide range of colors and fabrics as well as numerous designs and pleated blind types.

Give your home your own personal touch with made-to-measure pleated blinds from Schuette® and benefit from the following advantages, among others:

  • Perfect fit - the best fit for your window
  • Maximum protection - privacy, glare protection, heat & cold protection made to measure
  • Individual design - fits perfectly with the window shape & interior design at home
  • Lightning-fast configuration - select pleated blind type, colors, dimensions and fastening in no time
  • High durability - UV-resistant materials & strict quality controls

What's the secret to Schuette® Pleated Blinds' star power?

A remarkable amount of innovation in every single pleated blind. Revolutionary functions, sophisticated design.

Starting with sophisticated mountings for almost any window, double lacing for superior dimensional stability and the use of particularly robust yet attractive profile rails, through to specially developed fabrics that represent a perfect balance of high functionality and great living comfort.

Our pleated blinds provide privacy (privacy protection), enable the use of screens in daylight (glare protection), help to create a pleasant room climate (heat & cold protection) and enable restful sleep (room darkening). All these revolutionary functions ensure the best possible use of space and increase the quality of life in your home!

Find the key features of Schuette® pleated blinds here:

  • Smart developments in every detail
  • Secure 60s assembly. Quick installation & long-lasting hold
  • Locally crafted with regional resources
  • Tailored especially to you and your home
  • Exclusive Schuette® Quality Promise always included

Pigmented Prodigy

Vivid colors and gentle coloration. Self developed

Fabric Finesse & Earth's BFF

100% Polyester, Oeko-Tex certified. UV-protection. For safety reasons approx. 3-5% overhang in material length.

Defying Gravity

Double lacing to prevent so-called “sagging” even with longer widths

Full Power Guaranteed

Always 100% opaque & light to medium translucent or completely darkening

Alluring from Moment One

We care about the portability of our products. Packed with expertise and firmly tensed for breathtaking looks even after unpacking. Safe and sound delivery.

Box to Action in Seconds

It comes preinstalled. You can easily mount it. Just like that.

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