Schuette® made-to-measure blackout blinds without drilling & with drilling 2in1 ● Thermo Blackout collection: Snowflake (White) ● Profile colour: White

Day & Night
Thermo Blackout

€9.99 including tax

  • Dear customers: These are original Schuette® brand roller blinds. The Schuette® brand stands for quality products, which are manufactured locally, at fair wages and from solid, durable & modern materials, in accordance with the strictest craftsmanship. Original Schuette® roller blinds are NOT IN THE LEAST comparable with typical DIY store & China roller blinds!
  • Schuette Thermo - Darkening - Blackout roller blind without drilling / with drilling 2in1: Free choice of mounting method (Suprafix clamp bracket + Suprafix screw brackets always included). Intelligent chain guide (no tearing & no blocking of the cord). Schuette roller blinds are mounted as far as possible! (No! Threading of the cords & also no! tedious assembly of many individual parts necessary anymore), because we appreciate your time & your home!
  • Fabric properties: 100% opaque! Any light supply by day & night function. Light transmission: medium, slightly darkening, vivid colors & especially developed for roller blinds (UV protection -> no fading). Our roller blinds are also available in other fabric collections and mounting methods. Please search for: "Schuette pleated blind & roller blind manufacture"
  • Easy to clean: Wipe off with a slightly damp cloth. Also suitable for kitchen and bathroom! In the product description you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions!
  • Correct measuring made easy: The ordered width is the actual width of the fabric, the strap on the top is 1.5 cm on the left and 1.5 cm on the right (see pictures). The fabric may be a few centimeters wider than your window glass. However, please pay attention to the width of the window handle, so that it does not interfere with the movement of the roller blind. For the height, please measure your window frame from bottom to top. Always take the next higher height.
  • Foolproof & quick installation: No matter if you want to clamp or screw on your new Schuette® roller blind, you can expect a quick & easy installation, because you buy an original and finished Schuette® roller blind here and not a model kit as with other suppliers. If you would like to install your Schuette® roller blind without drilling or with the enclosed clamp holders, the rebate thickness (frame thickness without sealing rubber) of your window must not exceed 15-24mm.
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Schuette® roller blind, 2x Schuette® Suprafix clamp holders (incl. adhesive pads), 2x Schuette® Suprafix screw holders (incl. screws), mounting instructions incl. link to installation video, Schuette® quality promise
  • The most frequently asked questions are listed at the bottom of the page.


Thermo Blackout


Snowflake (White)

Profile Color







€9.99   including tax

Colour of mounting


Schuette® Suprafix clamp brackets (incl. adhesive pads)

The Schuette® Suprafix clamp brackets are supplied with adhesive pads so that your roller blinds can be held even more securely and firmly. The holders are adjustable from 19-29 mm, as we wanted to make them as universal as possible for you. They are made from a strong plastic to prevent the brackets from breaking or bending and to make them as stable as possible. Due to the design of the roller blind profile rail, the clamp brackets can be attached anywhere you like. This has the advantage that you do not have to do without the clamp holders, even if you have a window mechanism at the original clamping points. The clamp holders can be distributed as desired.

Schuette® Suprafix screw holders (incl. screws)

In addition to the clamp brackets, you will also receive our screw brackets with your roller blind. These are ideal for fixed windows or windows where the clamp brackets are too small or too large. The advantage of screw mounting with the Suprafix screw holders is the possibility of attaching the roller blind to the ceiling, the wall or even the window frame. Do you prefer ceiling mounting in a window recess? Use the screw holders to screw on the roller blind and the chain mechanism runs automatically!

Mounting options

Not sure which mounting option is best for you? When you order a Schuette® roller blind, you don't have to worry because you receive two mounting options in one delivery! This way you can switch between the two mounting options quickly and easily at any time.

60 seconds assembly

Schuette® roller blinds are pre-assembled as far as possible to ensure quick and frustration-free installation. You will receive our installation instructions together with your order. However, if you have any questions about assembly, our products or us, we are here to help.
  • NO! annoying assembling of many single parts necessary anymore
  • NO! annoying noises when operating the roller blinds
  • NO! cheap 2 months lasting construction kit China-cheap roller blinds anymore!

Schuette® - The right choice for your roller blind:

As a pleated blind & roller blind manufacturer, we have set ourselves the task of ensuring the long-term satisfaction of our customers. In doing so, it was very important for us to respond to all the wishes and needs of our customers. We collect these every day in order to adapt our range as well as possible to those who would like to have something very special in their home: a Schuette® roller blind made completely individually for our customers. Every roller blind is made locally in our production facility from start to finish. At Schuette® we aim to guide you from the first click of the order process to the last. If you have any questions that are not answered on our website, our customer support team is available almost 24/7 and will do everything possible to provide you with a satisfactory and informative answer! Brackets for 95% of all window types - from narrow to wide windows and from plastic to wooden windows. There is something for everyone. Even for fixed windows!
  • Picture instructions for even faster and clearer installation
  • Hand-picked roller blind fabric - We have paid attention to the most important aspects when selecting the fabric: convince yourself of our high-quality roller blind fabrics.
  • We have also thought of the personal touch in the packaging - we cordially invite you to let yourself be surprised by this!
  • If you have even more individual configuration wishes, please feel free to contact us. We will do everything we can to make it happen.
  • You think an assembly is not possible? - Write to us and send us pictures of your windows. We (almost) always find a solution!

Thermo roller blind fabric 

We have invested most of our time in what is probably the most important aspect of roller blinds: the selection of roller blind fabrics for our Thermo roller blinds . After a long search, we have combined the most important requirements that customers value with other basic properties. This way we can provide you with one of the highest quality roller blind materials. The Thermo fabric is covered with a light silver film, which protects the room from heat and cold and can thus have an energy-saving effect on your premises. It also ensures 100% blackout is resistant to UV rays and is made from 100% polyester.  Some of the features include
  • the Ökotex certification 
  • made locally and at fair wages 
  • modern and timeless at the same time
  • include a wide range of vibrant and bold colours
  • with UV protection to protect your furniture and blinds from fading 
  • thanks to our patented Schuette® Silencio chain pull, the roller blinds can be adjusted quietly and precisely
  • quick and easy cleaning with a damp cloth
  • suitable for damp rooms

Finding the right dimensions - our guide

Schuette® roller blinds are mounted with 2 clamp brackets or 2 screw brackets. You have countless options for mounting: from window frames or wall mounting to ceiling mounting. We therefore recommend the following instructions for measuring your Schuette® roller blind:
  • Width = glass width including sealing rubber + 1-3 cm (per side) with consideration of the window handle. Attention: The roller blind must not end directly at the handle. We recommend leaving a gap of approx. 0.5 - 1 cm between the roller blind and the handle.
  • Height = window frame height + 2-5 cm
With these short instructions, a perfect fit is guaranteed!

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Schuette® made-to-measure blackout blinds without drilling & with drilling 2in1 ● Thermo Blackout collection: Snowflake (White) ● Profile colour: White

Why products from Schuette Plissee & Rollo Manufaktur?

Because just like the Schuette family, you don't want to have to spend 30 minutes to assemble bad roller blinds and you value quality, your time and your home ❤

How is this roller blind installed? Do you have to drill or can you clamp?

Schuette roller blinds can be clamped or screwed to the window frame. Every roller blind comes with all the necessary parts for both types of installation.

How deep may my window frame be if I want to clamp the roller blind?

If you would like to install your Schuette® roller blind without drilling or with the enclosed clamp brackets, the rebate thickness (frame thickness without sealing rubber) of your window must not exceed 13-25mm.

My window glass is 80,2cm wide and the window frame is 169cm high. The distance from the window glass to the window handle is 7cm. What size should I choose?

85cm x 230cm. 85cm in width, because if the roller blind protrudes, the light gap between the window glass and the roller blind is reduced and the window handle is far enough away so that it doesn't interfere. For the height, always take the next higher height, because the additional material is rolled up and is not disturbing.

Is it possible to look into the apartment from outside at night with the lights on?

No! Of course we have thought of this situation when we designed our day and night roller blind fabric. Schuette roller blinds are 100% "opaque". With light colors you can only see rough shadows when you look into them from the outside.

What is the height of the rolled up roller blind when mounted upside down on the ceiling?

If you mount the roller blind upside down on the ceiling, it is approx. 53mm high when it is rolled up.

Can the mountings withstand roller blinds with large dimensions?

Yes. All our mountings are regularly tested and are designed to work properly even at the maximum dimensions.

How can I place an order?

To place an order, use the configurator on our website and add your custom blind to the shopping cart. The last step is to pay for your order. We will take care of the rest.

What does the roller blind set include?

The delivery includes the roller blind, the fasteners, a chain fastener for the wall, installation instructions and an invoice sent by mail.

What material is the fabric made of?

The fabrics are made of 100% polyester. All fabrics are Oekotex certified.

Are roller blinds suitable for the bathroom or kitchen?

Our roller blind fabrics can be used in wet rooms.

Do I need additional help with the assembly of roller blinds?

The assembly is simple, the roller blinds are pre-assembled as much as possible and can be quickly installed. In addition, the delivery includes installation instructions. If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Can I get fabric samples?

Yes, just contact our customer service. The samples are free of charge.

How long is the roller blind chain?

This depends on the chosen roller blind height. Up to an ordered height of 105cm you will receive a chain in a length of 75cm. Otherwise, the chain loop will be delivered in 100cm. If needed, a loop in 125cm is also possible or a loose chain in 400cm, which can be converted to a 200cm loop with a chain connector and shortened beforehand if needed. The latter we ask to enter in the comment field at the bottom of the shopping cart, so that our production can consider your request.

Schuette® Verdunkelungsrollo ohne Bohren & mit Bohren 2in1 ● Thermo Rollo Kollektion: Snowflake (Weiß) ● Profilfarbe: Weiß