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  • Numerous strengths - room darkening, temperature control, energy efficiency & better room acoustics with full privacy
  • Exquisite selection - Tightly-woven velvet or smooth fabrics
  • Flexible assembly - For curtain rods and rails with two fastenings to choose from
  • Effortless care - Machine or Hand-washable, Wrinkle-free drying
  • Joinable - Supports and enhances the function of existing window shades

Wrap your home in sophisticated comfort and indulge in luxurious opulence with custom Schuette® blackout curtains. Choose between velvety sheen and smooth chic for your personal home comfort.

Awaken your inner interior designer now and play with 30 intense colors that will frame your windows like true works of art. Our curtains are always UV-protected, always darkening, always noise-reducing and always energy-efficient.

Century Black Blackout curtain

5.0 (3)
Millenium Velvet
Century Black
Sleek 60s assembly
1 collection & 10 colors
Schuette® Quality Promise
From 26.99 EUR
Free shipping

Millenium Velvet Blackout curtain

5.0 (3)
Millenium Velvet
Century Black
Sleek 60s assembly
1 collection & 20 colors
Schuette® Quality Promise
From 26.99 EUR
Free shipping

The stylish choice
for years to come

Never outdated


A soothing touch

Acoustic, privacy and

Best enhancement

Blackout Curtains Fabric Collections

Made from elegant velvet or fashionable smooth fabric in 30 vibrant and rich colors, blackout curtains from Schuette® add a luxurious touch to any room. With their soft texture, these made-to-measure blackout curtains skillfully create impressive and inviting accents in your home.

In addition to the visual aspects, our in-house developed blackout curtain fabrics offer full privacy by keeping out prying eyes, ensuring temperature control in both summer and winter and a significant improvement in room acoustics.

  • 2 collections - Velvety sheen or smooth chic
  • 30 colors - Timeless, Elegant, Carefully selected with gentle dyeing process
  • Darkening or full blackout - Always noise-reducing. Always energy efficient.
  • Smooth privacy management - Always opaque.
  • UV protection - Protect your home from sun damage

Millenium Velvet

Velvet fabric

20 amazing colors
From 26.99 EUR
Free shipping

Century Black

Smooth fabric

Total Blackout
10 amazing colors
From 26.99 EUR
Free shipping

Blackout Curtains Mounts

Change the mood and color of your window in the blink of an eye. The simple and sophisticated fixing methods make it very easy to change the colors depending on the season. Furthermore, the choice of eyelet or tunnel tape fastening makes it possible to hang them on both curtain rods and rail systems.

  • For curtain rods, rails & everything in between
  • Effortless assembly no matter the fastening
  • Stainless Steel Eyelets. Rust approved & Smooth-running
  • Tunnel tape with rufflette for equal folds
  • Easily slidable with fluid movement


Designed for curtain rods

Made of
Stainless steel
Smooth movement

Tunnel tape

Designed for rods and rails

A clean & neat look incl. rufflette
Precise & easy adjustability

What makes Schuette® Roller Blinds steal the spotlight?

Take your windows to a new level with our blackout curtains and experience a completely new sense of space!

Far less noise from outside. Better room acoustics. No draughts. No cold radiation from the window. High level of room darkening. Only blackout curtains can offer you all of this at the window. Added to this is the effect of the fashionable and homely colors of our fabrics in your rooms, which can either perfectly complement or subtly accentuate any interior design. In summary, Schuette® blackout curtains are a blend of revolutionary capabilities and outstanding design.

Discover all the key features that make our curtains so exceptional:

  • Sophisticated design process and highest level of craftsmanship
  • High-performance blackout fabrics. in attractive colors
  • Versatile mountings and quick installation. Long-lasting benefits.
  • Locally made & according to your wishes
  • Innovation is our lifestyle
  • Genuine Schuette® Quality Promise guaranteed

Colorful Textile Flair

Custom-created, rich colors through innovative coloration process. 100% tightly-woven, super soft fabrics. UV-protection guaranteed. Oeko-Tex certification.

Timeless Fastenings

Whether stylish stainless steel eyelets or elegant hidden tunnel tape with hook mount, there is a durable fastening to match any interior and preference.

Temp Taming Drapery

Keep the Heat Out in Summer and the Cold Out in Winter. Thermo-Effect for Year-Round Comfort. Lower energy bills included.

Cinema-Mode: On

100% opaque. 86%-100% light is blocked. Noise-reducing & Sound-absorbing.

Carefree luxury

Fully machine or hand-washable. Antipilling-Technology. Wrinkle-free. The crème de la crème throughout.

Charming at First Sight

Always full dedication and precise attention to every detail at every step. Carefully wrapped to guarantee flawless delivery.

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