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Geisha's Lips (Red)
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Morning Coffee (Light brown)
Hot Chocolate (Dark brown)
Midnight Muse (Violet)
Silesian Coal (Black)
Suprafix Mounts “For screwing”
Suprafix Clamp holder “Double 2in1”

Sie haben sich bei den Maßen vertan oder spontan doch in eine andere Farbe verliebt? Kein Problem! Schuette® PerfectFit ermöglicht Ihnen die nachträgliche 360° Produkt-Anpassung für ein wunschlos glückliches Gesamtbild.

1x Maß-Korrektur, Halter- oder Farbwechsel inklusive, sogar bis zu 30 Tagen nach Lieferung!

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€9.99 including tax

  • Features Schuette® pleated blinds with drilling: Infinitely adjustable (Up&Down), double tensioned (NO swinging), special aluminum profiles (NO! bending/breaking), fully assembled as far as possible (NO! threading the pleated cord / NO! tedious assembly of many individual parts)
  • Measuring instructions: Width = window glass width incl. rubber seal (glass from left to right) -0.3 cm x height = window glass height incl. rubber seal (glass from bottom to top) +1 cm. If the glazing beads are very slanted, we recommend measuring the width halfway down the glazing bead from right to left and not subtracting anything from this. The width ordered is the actual pleated blind width.
  • Installation: Schuette Suprafix pleated blind brackets for screwing on / with drilling guarantee a clean, aesthetic, quick & easy installation without special tools. Of course, our installation instructions including a link to our pleated blind installation video are included! If you have any questions, please contact our support team.
  • Pleated blind fabric: 100% opaque, medium light transmission, slightly darkening, vibrant colors, UV protection (no rapid fading), Oekotex certified, carefully dyed & self-developed colors
  • Cleaning: Components and fabrics can be brushed off and wiped with a slightly damp cloth | Our fabrics are suitable for damp rooms and can therefore also be used in kitchens and bathrooms!
  • Frequently asked questions: The most frequently asked questions are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Dear customers: These are original Schuette® brand pleated blinds. The Schuette® brand stands for solid, long-lasting quality products, which are manufactured in compliance with the strictest craftsmanship, locally and at fair wages as well as from modern materials. Schuette® pleated blinds are in NO WAY comparable with cheap DIY store pleated blinds & Chinese blinds!
  • Beware of copycats: For some time now, bad counterfeits of our Schuette pleated blinds have unfortunately been offered under other brand names. These can often be recognized by the fact that similar photos, descriptions or even the term "Premium" or the "" symbol are used in the title. Please continue to rely on the original from Schuette and on quality when it comes to your home!


Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

With drilling




White Day (White)

Profile Color



Suprafix Mounts “For screwing”






€9.99   including tax

Colour of mounting


Profile depth

2,3 cm

Up&Down depth

3 cm

Schuette® pleated blinds with drilling - for your living comfort.

Schuette® pleated blinds give your rooms a cosy, inviting ambience. They offer privacy and not only protect against unwanted light, but are also an excellent decorative design element for your window. Choose the right shade for your home from the many possible colours and use it to create a skilful accent. Colours such as red, black or brown create a warm, cosy atmosphere, while cheerful shades such as pink, light green and blue look fresh and modern. Cream, light grey or white are ideal if you want to keep the furniture classic.

Lightning-fast assembly

Schuette® pleated blinds are pre-assembled as far as possible to ensure easy, quick and frustration-free installation. Together with your order you will receive our assembly instructions, which also contain a link to our video instructions.

  • NO! tedious assembly of many individual parts
  • NO! tedious threading of the pleated blind cord
  • NO! cheap modular Chinese roller blinds that don't fit and are no good

If you still have any questions about installation, our products or us, we are here for you.

Schuette® Suprafix brackets "For screwing on/with drilling"

Quick and easy installation in the glazing bead, Schuette® installation support by email

  • Stable connection to the window and space-saving installation close to the glass pane
  • Can be mounted for glazing beads from 10 mm
  • Also suitable for angled glazing beads. Levelling brackets are included.
  • Robust, non-slip and secure hold
  • Available in all profile colours
  • Available in the following colours: white, silver, anthracite, brown
  • Schuette® Click&Forget system makes it easy to change to other Schuette® bracket types if required

The pleated blinds with drilling are usually mounted in the glazing bead. Two small brackets are screwed into the glazing bead at the top and bottom of each side. The tensioning shoes of the pleated blind are later pushed onto these brackets and the pleated blind is then fully installed. To ensure that the pleated blind fits into the glazing bead of your window, it must be slightly narrower than the glazing bead.

The colour of the bracket is matched to the selected profile colour. If you would like a different colour for the bracket, please enter the desired colour in the comments field in the shopping basket.

The best brackets for your window type:

Recommended bracketWindow typeTechnical specificationWindow with rubber sealWindow without rubber sealColour of the holder
Suprafix clamp holder "Incognito X"Plastic windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 9 - 24 mm
Suprafix "Double 2in1" screw & clamp holderPlastic windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 14 - 25 mm
Suprafix clamp holder "For tightening"Plastic windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 5 - 23 mm
White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown
Suprafix "For gluing" adhesive holderPlastic windows Aluminium windowsGlazing bead depth > 5 mm
White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown
Suprafix brackets "With drilling"Plastic windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsGlazing bead depth > 10 mm
White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown
Suprafix clamp holder ‘X’Plastic windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 9 - 24 mm

Aluminium profile rails

  • The two aluminium profiles used in the pleated blind, which allow the incidence of light to be adjusted as required, are aesthetically superior to others (e.g. made of plastic) and are also so stable that they will last for many years without bending or scratching
  • Thanks to their construction, they guarantee the robustness and stability of the pleated blind regardless of its size.
  • The quality of our profile rails is just as high as the other components of our modern pleated blind systems.
  • When manufacturing the pleated blinds, we ensure that the system is firmly and securely tensioned with double lacing, optimised with springs. This means that even with wide pleated blinds, there is no bending of the profile rails and the fabrics are prevented from sagging.

Minimal bending in the centre of the profile rail can only occur with widths over 150 cm. However, this does not affect the functionality of the pleated blinds in any way.


Premium collection

Premium is a densely woven, single-colour fabric quality made from 100% polyester yarns that filters light very evenly. The opaque PREMIUM quality is available in a wide range of 18 colours, including fashionable shades of grey as well as classic shades of brown, rounded off with expressive, intense colours.

Pleated blind fabrics

Your privacy is very important to us. We want you to feel comfortable in your home at any time of day! We have invested a lot of time in the selection of our Oekotex-certified pleated blind fabrics. We have subjected the fabrics to extensive tests and inspections to ensure that they will fulfil their purpose and give you pleasure for a very long time. We can therefore offer you an extensive selection of the best pleated blind fabrics available in cosy and fashionable colours.

  • In our pleated blind store, we have a selection of 4 fabric collections with a total of over 50 colourways for you to choose from.
  • All fabrics are 100% opaque, keeping out prying eyes from outside and offering you a high degree of privacy.
  • Our range includes tightly woven plain fabrics, finely textured fabrics and a thermal quality with thermal protection. 
  • All our pleated fabrics are UV-stable to prevent the fabric colours from fading quickly and the systems on the window offer UV protection for your furniture and furnishings.
  • Our carefully selected fabric colours match any room furnishings and ensure fashionable window decoration. Light white tones and cosy beige tones are accompanied by fashionable grey tones and classic brown tones, and we set accents with expressive trend colours.
  • When manufacturing the pleated blinds, we ensure that the system is firmly and securely tensioned with double lacing and optimised with springs.

The quality of our fabrics is just as high as the other components of our modern pleated blind systems. These properties increase the service life of the pleated blind and you will enjoy your Schuette® pleated blind for many years to come.

Differences in the fabric collections

Our Schuette® pleated blind fabrics are available in 4 collections: Premium, Thermo, Melange and Dolomite. How do the collections differ from each other?

Our Premium collection is our most extensive collection, because there is something for everyone, from muted natural shades such as fine beige tones to bright colours in sun yellow, sea blue and many others.

Our Melange collection is a stylish and subtle way to dip into the colour pot. The linen texture of the fabric, which is recognisable at second glance, adds a special touch.

Our Thermo collection combines first-class functionality with chic colours that harmonise with any interior. Thanks to its special coating on the outside, the Thermo collection helps to prevent the summer heat from entering the room so quickly and to keep heat in the room for longer in the colder months.

Our Dolomite collection allows you to bring a touch of nature to your windows with its fine horizontal pattern. The soft, calming colours complement each other perfectly with the subtle texture of the fabric, creating a particularly cosy ambience.

Pleated blind fabrics are determined by 3 basic parameters:

Light transmission - the penetration of light through the fabric (the lower the percentage value, the less light and heat passes through the fabric into the room, i.e. the darker it is in the room).

Light reflection - the reflection of sunlight to the outside (the higher the value, the more light the fabric reflects. The more light and heat a fabric reflects, the less enters the room).

Light absorption - the light absorbed by the fabric and converted into thermal energy (the higher the value, the more heat the fabric absorbs. The absorbed heat is then released back into the room over a period of time)

The sum of light transmission, light reflection and light absorption is always 100% and refers to the light and solar energy that your window pane lets through. The White Day colour is available in the Premium and Thermo collections. Despite having the same colour designation, the two shades of white have different effects.

The heat protection coating on the reverse of Thermo makes the fabric appear slightly darker. Furthermore, a common fabric characteristic is that the fabric colours from all collections can appear different in different weather and light conditions. To find the most suitable colour for your home, you can order fabric samples via our customer service.


Original Up&Down System

  • The functional diversity of pleated blinds offers enormous possibilities for regulating darkening and light incidence while maintaining privacy.
  • In ground floor flats, the option of darkening only the lower part of the window is appreciated, as this preserves privacy.
  • The corresponding amount of light from the upper part of the window enters the living space and protects the interior of the house or flat from unwanted glances from outside.
  • Pleated blinds make a room appear cosier. With the pleated blind's infinitely variable adjustment system, you can regulate the amount of light and the view from outside to inside.

Finding the right dimensions - our guide

To install the pleated blind screwed into the glazing bead, we recommend the following measuring instructions for your Schuette® pleated blind:

  • Width = glass width including rubber seal - 0.3 cm. If the glazing bevel is very steep, please measure the width at several points to avoid ordering a pleated blind that is too narrow or too wide. The width ordered is the actual pleated blind width.
  • Height = glass height including rubber seal + 1 cm

Tip: If you only want to cover part of a window or door, we can increase the cord length on request. To do this, please enter the partial dimensions in our pleated blind configurator and add the pleated blind to the shopping basket. Next, please enter the cord length (= window glass height + 1 cm) in the comments field at the bottom of the shopping basket. Our production team will be happy to take this into account for you!


FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Schuette® Pleated Blind Made to Measure with Drilling • Suprafix Mounts “For screwing” • Premium Collection: White Day (White) • Profilfarbe: White

Are all the parts needed for assembly included?

Of course. You only need a screwdriver for the assembly! If you want it to be faster you can pre-drill the holes with 2mm.

What is the width and height of the pleated blind?

The selectable width (e.g. 80cm) corresponds to the actual width of the pleated blind. Please make sure that the ordered width is NOT! wider than your window pane.

Is it possible to see inside the apartment from outside at night when the light is on?

No! Of course, when we designed our pleated fabric, we kept this very situation in mind. The pleated fabrics are "opaque". With light colors, at most you can see rough shadows when you look in from the outside.

Is this pleated blind also a China blind that you have to spend 30 minutes assembling before you can even think about installing it?

No. This is a quality product that has been specially designed. We value your time and "home" too much, so the pleated blind is assembled as much as possible to ensure safe transportation.

What size should I take if I measured 76cmx140cm?

The ideal size is 75.7cm x 141cm. For example, if you had measured 87x180cm, the ideal choice would be 86.7x181cm

How deep are the profile rails?

Our aluminum profile rails are 23mm deep.

Are the profiles made of plastic?

No. The profiles we use for our pleated blinds are made of high quality aluminum. This ensures a sturdy and stable construction of our products.

Can the brackets withstand pleated blinds with large dimensions?

Yes. All of our brackets undergo regular testing and are designed to function properly even at the maximum dimensions.

How can I place an order?

To place an order, use the configurator on our website and add your custom pleated blind to the shopping cart. The last step is to pay for your order. We will take care of the rest.

What does the pleated blind set include?

The delivery includes the fasteners selected in our pleated blind configurator, the handles for raising and lowering, installation instructions with a link to video instructions and an invoice sent by mail.

What material is the fabric made of?

The fabrics are made of 100% polyester. Our range includes tightly woven fabrics, smooth fabrics, textured fabrics with fine texture and thermal fabrics with heat and cold protection. All fabrics are Oekotex certified.

Are pleated fabrics suitable for the bathroom or kitchen?

Our pleated fabrics can be used in wet rooms.

How can I remove a pleated blind?

To remove a pleated blind, it is first necessary to fold it. Then carefully unhook it from the holders

Do I need additional help when installing pleated blinds?

Installation is simple, pleated blinds are pre-assembled as much as possible and can be installed quickly. In addition, the package includes installation instructions, which also includes a link to an instructional video. If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Can I get fabric samples?

Yes, just contact our customer service department. The samples are free of charge.

Can I switch from one Suprafix mount to another?

The brackets are designed to be easily replaced with other Schuette® brackets if needed. Please contact our customer service for more information.

Schuette® Plissee mit Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Halterungen “Mit Bohren” •  Premium Kollektion: White Day (Weiß) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Plissee mit Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Halterungen “Mit Bohren” •  Premium Kollektion: White Day (Weiß) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Plissee mit Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Halterungen “Mit Bohren” •  Premium Kollektion: White Day (Weiß) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Plissee mit Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Halterungen “Mit Bohren” •  Premium Kollektion: White Day (Weiß) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Plissee mit Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Halterungen “Mit Bohren” •  Premium Kollektion: White Day (Weiß) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Plissee mit Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Halterungen “Mit Bohren” •  Premium Kollektion: White Day (Weiß) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Plissee mit Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Halterungen “Mit Bohren” •  Premium Kollektion: White Day (Weiß) • Profilfarbe: Weiß