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Roller Blinds

  • Guaranteed performance - sun protection, privacy protection and heat protection
  • Intelligent Silencio chain guide - Quiet, precise, no tearing or blocking
  • Plug-and-Play - Fast, simple and hassle-free assembly
  • Freely selectable mounting type - Drill- and No-Drill-mounts always provided
  • Child- and Pet-safe - Extra strong chain fastening for the wall
  • Suitable for kitchen and bathroom - Durable and Easy to clean

Embrace the art of simplicity with custom roller blinds, where form meets function in perfect harmony. Choose out of a wide range of UV-protected-fabrics and self-developed colours to consequently suit various decor styles and preferences: always opaque, ranging from light-filtering to completely darkening.

Enjoy the perfect balance of natural light and privacy with light-filtering roller blinds or transform your space into a tranquil retreat with room darkening roller blinds.

Day and Night Roller blind

4.9 (200)
Day & Night
Thermo Blackout
Sleek 60s assembly
1 collection & 14 colors
Schuette® Quality Promise
From 9.99 EUR
Free shipping

Thermo Blackout Roller blind

4.9 (200)
Day & Night
Thermo Blackout
Sleek 60s assembly
1 collection & 12 colors
Schuette® Quality Promise
From 9.99 EUR
Free shipping


For everybody

Control light and
privacy with ease

Highly adjustable

Buttery smooth
roll-up mechanism

Never miss a roll

Roller Blinds Fabric Collections

Choose from 2 fabric collections and over 25 intense colors. Whether light filtering and seamless control of incoming light with fabrics from our Day & Night collection or maximum room darkening with blackout fabrics from the Thermo Blackout range, roller blinds from Schuette® offer you technically advanced fabrics and ease of use. The versatility of our roller blinds makes it possible to create the perfect ambience for any occasion in your home.

  • 2 collections - Light filtering or blackout with Thermo function
  • 26 colors - Gently colored, timeless, modern
  • Effortless Privacy control - Always opaque
  • UV-Protection - Protects your roller blinds & furniture from fading
  • Oekotex certified - Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Day & Night

Filtering fabric

14 amazing colors
From 9.99 EUR
Free shipping

Thermo Blackout

Heat & Cold protection

12 amazing colors
From 9.99 EUR
Free shipping

Roller Blinds Mounts

Roller blind brackets from Schuette® combine aesthetics and durability and are always supplied in 2 versions: Clamp brackets for mounting "without drilling" on the window sash & screw brackets for mounting "with drilling" on the wall, ceiling or in the window recess. Roller blinds from Schuette® are pre-assembled on a profile rail, making them quick and easy to attach to the window.

  • Secure & firm hold - No bending or breaking
  • Flexible design - Can be positioned anywhere on the roller blind profile rail
  • Versatile - For window frames, doors, walls or ceilings
  • Carefree - Both mounting types always included
  • Color-matched - Available in numerous colors

Suprafix mount "Double 2 in 1" without drilling


Clamp holder incl. adhesive pads
AAvailable in all profile colors
Made of ultra-tough polymer

Suprafix mount "Double 2 in 1" with drilling

Small & Stable connection

Screw holders incl. screws
Available in White
Made of super sturdy aluminum

What makes Schuette® Roller Blinds steal the spotlight?

Roller blinds redefined. Boasting groundbreaking features in a timeless design. Dive into all essential functionalities of Schuette® roller blinds:

All components of our Schuette® roller blinds are pre-installed on a high-performance profile rail, which not only makes installation directly on the window or on the wall and ceiling super easy and quick, but also ensures a clean and homogeneous appearance of your window. In addition, you remain flexible when it comes to the installation type, as we always supply both clamp brackets and screw brackets for every roller blind!

Dive into all essential functionalities of Schuette® roller blinds:

  • Light control & room darkening on a high-performance profile rail
  • Thoughtful craftsmanship with dependable results
  • Instant 60s assembly. Eternal joy.
  • Local materials. Local expertise
  • Made uniquelly for you and your home
  • Genuine Schuette® Quality Promise guaranteed

A textile play of Colors

In-house created, bold colors using refined coloration. With UV-Protection. Oeko-Tex certified.

As quiet as a Whisper

The innovative Silencio Chain System lives up to its name offering a smooth, precise and quiet chain movement. No jams or breaks!

For the entire family

Child- and pet-friendly. Due to chain fastening to the wall. Safety first.

Light on your terms

Slight to medium translucent or completely darkening. The Power of Choice.

A Dream to Clean

Designed to be convenient from A to Z. Discover hassle-free & stain-free cleaning. A quick wipe is all you need!

Preinstalled convenience

Get it rolling in seconds thanks to plug-and-play comfort. No puzzling needed. Preassembled and good to go

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