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Fitted sheets

  • Finest cotton quality - 100% Superfluff jersey cotton. Oekotex certified
  • Extensive functions - Breathable, temperature-regulating, antibacterial
  • Innovative technologies - Anti-pilling, anti-shrinking & silver ion technology rounded off with Perfect-Fit all-round elastic
  • Quick & easy to cover thanks to smart logo direction indicator
  • For all mattress types, sizes and heights - From single bed to king-size, with or without topper, for classic mattresses or box springs

Thanks to innovative product design, fitted sheets from Schuette® combine maximum, crease-free fit and ease of use with maximum sleeping comfort and lasting protection for high-quality mattresses.

Bed down on first-class, skin-friendly, hygienic fabrics & get a luxurious wow feeling in your bedroom! First-class fitted sheets in attractive colors for numerous mattress sizes.

Wow! Fitted sheets

5.0 (8)
Schuette® fitted sheet with all-round elastic • 140 x 200 • Wow! Collection: Fluff White (White) • 100% Super fluffy cotton, opaque, wrinkle-free • Mattress thickness up to 20 cm
14 dreamlike colors
For all mattress types and sizes
From 9,99 EUR
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Millenium Velvet Kissenbezüge

Millenium Velvet
14 dreamlike colors
For all mattress types and sizes
From 9,99 EUR
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Fitted sheet Fabric Collection

Our jersey fabrics made from 100% natural combed cotton meet the latest textile technology standards. With a high grammage and dense thread setting, we have developed a breathable and at the same time very opaque cotton jersey.

Thanks to anti-pilling and shrinkage protection, we ensure that the cover is highly durable and thus enables particularly long-lasting sleeping comfort. Silver ions contained in the finish and permanently bound to the threads have a reliable and long-lasting effect against bacteria, microorganisms and allergens.

Our fitted sheets are tested for harmful substances, carry the textile seal Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex (Ökotex) and are therefore an ideal choice for sensitive skin. In addition, a high-quality all-round elastic and the impressive craftsmanship of our sewing department ensure that our fitted sheets have a first-class, crease-free perfect fit. The small red flag with our discreet Schuette® logo indicates the correct direction of the cover to make bed-making quick and easy!

  • Wow! Collection - 100% natural, opaque, combed jersey cotton
  • 14 colors - Vivid, gently colored, carefully selected
  • Highest textile standards - Silver ion technology, Anti-pilling, Anti-shrinking
  • Numerous features - Breathable, Temperature regulating, Antibacterial, Skin-friendly, Hygienically clean
  • Extensive material properties - Wrinkle-free, Lint-free, Durable & dimensionally stable with perfect tension
  • Easy-care & softer with every wash
Schuette® fitted sheet with all-round elastic • 140 x 200 • Wow! Collection: Fluff White (White) • 100% Super fluffy cotton, opaque, wrinkle-free • Mattress thickness up to 20 cm


Best sleep climate

Fitted sheets

Sleep in super soft, wrinkle-free fitted sheets made of pure superfluff jersey cotton with Perfect Fit all-round elastic! Numerous integrated technologies, including breathable, antibacterial, dimensionally stable and lint-free, ensure a first-class sleeping experience.

14 dreamlike colors
For all mattress types and sizes
From 16,99 EUR
Free shipping

What's behind the deep sleep miracle of Schuette® fitted sheets?

Our fitted sheets are full of textile technology and craftsmanship and have been developed for a good night's sleep. We can therefore proudly say that the outstanding functional properties of our sheets ensure a restful night's sleep better than many other sheets can.

Good sleeping comfort in your home increases your quality of life and all Schuette® products can contribute to this at the end of the day.

Immerse yourself in all the essential properties of Schuette® fitted sheets:

  • Thoughtful design process and superior craftsmanship
  • High-performance, perfectly fitting fitted sheets in attractive colors
  • Best sleeping climate thanks to innovative technologies & material properties
  • Tangible craftsmanship - Self-developed, detail-oriented, carefully processed
  • Regional production in our own sewing workshop
  • Authentic Schuette® quality promise guaranteed


Less fiber abrasion prevents the formation of pills and lint. Anti-pilling increases the lifespan of our sheets.


Our built-in shrinkage protection ensures a long service life. Even after many washes, the fitted sheet will fit your mattress perfectly.

Silver ion technology

The hygienic properties of silver have a lasting effect against bacteria and allergens.

Temperature regulating & breathable

Moisture generated during sleep is absorbed and wicked away. Our fitted sheets therefore help to create an optimum sleeping climate all year round.

Antibacterial & hygienically clean

Our fitted sheets are skin-friendly and verifiably free from harmful substances. Ideal for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.

Gentle coloration

Specially developed, vibrant colors with sophisticated, soft coloration on 100% densely woven, super soft Superfluff jersey cotton. Oeko-Tex certified.


Our sheets keep their shape permanently. To achieve this, we use a sturdy and dimensionally stable elastic band, which also ensures smooth edges with a wrinkle-free finish and no sagging.

Make your bed in record time

Our smart direction indicator saves time and makes bed-making easier. There is a discreet little flag with our Schuette® logo on the top right (or bottom left) corner of our fitted sheets - so the sheet fits every time.

Decorative pillow covers - elegant and cuddly soft

Create a comfortable sleeping environment or decorate your sofa, armchair or bed with elegant pillow covers made of luxurious velvet fabric. Whether as a decorative element or to support healthy sleep, our pillow covers enhance any interior and always cut a fine figure.

We sew the pillow covers from our elegant Millenium Velvet curtain fabric, making them ideal as a complement to our Millenium Velvet blackout curtains - or as a stylish decorative element on their own!

Schuette® Decorative Velvet Cushion Cover with Concealed Zip • Millenium Velvet Collection: Polar Bear (White-Beige) • 1 piece • Crease-resistant • Cosy and soft • 40 x 40 cm

Millenium Velvet

Velvety soft

Decorative pillow covers

Add a touch of pure luxury to your home with this densely woven, high-quality velvet fabric as a pillow cover. Naturally free from harmful substances and with Oekotex certification. Naturally a plus in quality of life.

20 stunningly attractive colors
6 different pillow sizes
From 9,99 EUR
Free shipping