Schuette® Decorative Velvet Cushion Cover with Concealed Zip • Millenium Velvet Collection: Plum (Purple) • 1 piece • Crease-resistant • Cosy and soft • 40 x 40 cm

Millenium Velvet
40 x 40 cm
50 x 50 cm
40 x 60 cm
40 x 80 cm
60 x 60 cm
80 x 80 cm
Polar Bear (White-beige)
Brown Teddy (Beige)
Grey Goose (Beige)
Bright Lead (Grey)
Olives Garden (Green)
Butterscotch (Yellow)
Marmalade (Orange)
Carmine (Red)
Plum (Purple)
Sangria (Red)
Purple Grape (Purple)
Koala Shade (Grey)
Royal Blue (Blue)
Anchor (Blue)
Isle of Pines (Dark green)
Dark Forest (Dark green)
Umber Gray (Grey)
Great Wolf (Grey)
Dark Shadow (Grey)
Black Swan (Black)

€9.99 including tax

  • Schuette® velvet cushion cover: High-quality, hand-sewn 40x40 cm cushion covers made from the finest velvet fabric with a concealed zipper. They are made in our sewing shop from the same Millenium Velvet material as our blackout curtains and are therefore also available in all 20 colors. This allows Schuette® cushion covers to be matched exactly to Schuette® blackout curtains. Discreet brand logo label and hidden red zipper for a stylish finish.
  • Fabric properties: 100% densely woven velvet fabric, Anti-pilling technology, Crease-resistant, Elegant sheen, Firm seams (NO protruding fringes & crooked seams), Clean edges, Skin-friendly, UV protection (NO fading), Easy-care, Oeko-Tex certified & free from harmful substances.
  • Measuring instructions: Pull any outer edge of the inner cushion tight and measure the resulting length from left to right corner. If the resulting measurement is between two sizes, the next larger size should be selected. Example: Inner cushion measured 47x47 cm, cushion cover 50x50 cm.
  • Care: Machine or hand washable (up to 30°C). If necessary, iron with steam only.
  • Frequently asked questions: The most frequently asked questions are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Dear customer: These are original Schuette® cushion covers (without filling/inner cushion). The Schuette® brand stands for quality products, which are manufactured locally in compliance with the strictest craftsmanship, at fair wages and from solid, durable and modern materials.
  • Beware of copycats: For some time now, bad counterfeits of our Schuette pleated blinds have unfortunately been offered under other brand names. These can often be recognized by the fact that similar photos, descriptions or even the term "Premium" or the "" symbol are used in the title. Please continue to rely on the original from Schuette and on quality when it comes to your home!




Millenium Velvet


40 x 40 cm


Plum (Purple)




€9.99   including tax

Schuette® decorative cushion covers - cosy comfort in a velvet look!

Give your home a sensual touch in no time at all, which is also at the forefront in terms of fluffiness and lustre! Choose the matching handmade cushion cover for your Millenium Velvet blackout curtain and create a harmonious colour scheme. At the same time, clever, fashionable colour accents can give your home the sophisticated look of a stylish interior straight out of a furnishing magazine.

Velvety soft seduction

The carefully selected, heavy velvet fabric in our Millennium Velvet collection is characterised not only by its elegant sheen, but in particular by its fine texture and long-lasting durability. It is resistant to fading and promises an incomparably soft, luxurious feel on the skin!

Harmony with style

Schuette® pillowcases feature a discreet and non-intrusive brand logo label on the bottom right. The concealed zip, also in our brand colour red, with the small, teardrop-shaped sliding handle on the underside of the cushion cover enables the inner cushions to be inserted at lightning speed.

Craftsmanship you can touch

Each of our neatly finished seams is made with a lot of heart and the highest level of craftsmanship, rounded off with enormous precision. Schuette® decorative cushion covers are Ökotex-certified and free from harmful substances. They are subject to strict quality control by our master seamstress and are hand-sewn and unique. Tight seams, clean edges and high quality workmanship are guaranteed.

Multifaceted play of colours

The Schuette® Millennium Velvet fabric collection comprises 20 deep and rich colours to fall in love with: from elegant neutrals such as creamy white, grey or beige to glamorous jewel tones such as ruby red or emerald green. Our sophisticated colour tones in combination with the luxurious radiance of the velvet fabric and its warm sheen enhance any room.

Unlimited use

With their elegant, timeless design, Schuette® decorative cushion covers fit seamlessly into any room, adding comfort and style wherever they are used. They are therefore the perfect addition to the living room, bedroom or even a covered patio. Whether sofa, couch, bed or armchair: add the finishing touch to your favourite piece of furniture with velvety soft Velvet cushion covers.

Easy-care fluff factor

Schuette® cushion covers stay as good as new for a long time with regular and proper care. The frequency of cleaning depends largely on the environmental conditions (smoking, dust content and pollutants in the air).

  • Machine or hand washable (up to 30°C)
  • Wash separately at 30°C on a gentle cycle
  • maximum 50% machine load
  • mild detergent without optical brightener
  • Do not dry clean!
  • Spin at low speed
  • Hang up when damp to dry crease-free. Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not iron. If absolutely necessary, smooth with steam only.
  • Dab individual stains with soapy water and rinse thoroughly
  • Do not rub, brush, wring or boil.

Fabric features at a glance

  • 100% densely woven velvet fabric
  • Grammage/weight: 305 g/m2 (+/- 5%)
  • Material: 100% polyester (PES)
  • Abrasion/scuff resistance: >100,000 Martindale
  • Tensile strength: 513 N (107.6%) warp + 538 N (109.6%) weft
  • Tear resistance: 43.7 N warp + 30.7 N weft
  • Pilling: Level 5 (= no or hardly any tendency to pilling)
  • Light fastness: 4 (= fairly good)

All velvet fabrics from the Schuette® Millenium Velvet collection are Ökotex Standard 100 certified and produced in compliance with the REACH regulation.

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Schuette® Decorative Velvet Cushion Cover with Concealed Zip • Millenium Velvet Collection: Plum (Purple) • 1 piece • Crease-resistant • Cosy and soft • 40 x 40 cm

What is a pillowcase?

A cushion cover is a fabric cover for inner cushions or cushion inserts. Cushion covers are available in many different fabrics, colours and patterns so that they can be perfectly matched to the interior design or preferences. New cushion covers can also spruce up existing older and perhaps less attractive cushions by giving them a second life.

Who invented pillows?

It is not possible to give an exact name or date, as cushions have been used since ancient times. In the beginning, they were even made of wood or stone and not the cosy, soft, comfortable materials we know today. Later, pillows made of bamboo and sacks filled with straw were invented. The pillow has therefore been around for a long time and is constantly being developed and optimised. This applies to pillows in general as well as separately to pillowcases and pillow inserts.

Where to buy cushion covers?

Cushion covers can be bought in various shapes and colours as well as outer and inner fabrics in a wide variety of places. They can be found in DIY stores, decoration shops, bric-a-brac shops, on the internet and even in some supermarkets. The choice is therefore very large and it is easy to lose track. Buying cushion covers online can make things a lot easier, as different shops and designs can be compared quickly and without stepping out of the front door.

Can I be sure that it is a high-quality pillowcase?

With cushion covers from Schuette®, you are choosing quality covers made from high-quality velvet fabric that are hand-sewn in our sewing workshop according to all the rules of the trade. It is a matter close to our hearts that the cushion covers give our customers pleasure and have a very long service life.

Are the cushion covers free of harmful substances and harmless to health?

Yes, our pillowcases are free from harmful substances and are safe to use. The fabrics used are Ökotex certified and tested in accordance with Ökotex Standard 100; they do not contain any substances that are harmful to health.

How often should I change the pillowcase?

How often the pillowcase needs to be changed depends on several factors, including the frequency of use. If the household is smoke-free, there is no increased dust or pollutant content and you follow a daily routine of personal hygiene, it is sufficient to change the pillowcase once or twice every fortnight. If you often smoke and/or sleep with make-up on, pillowcases should ideally be changed more frequently, i.e. every two days. If the pillows including pillowcases are only decorative pillows and are not or hardly ever actively used, they can only be washed according to comfort and convenience.

How often to change the pillowcase: Acne?

If you are prone to acne and generally have sensitive skin, you should change your duvet cover and pillowcase much more frequently than normal, in addition to following a strict evening hygiene routine that includes thorough facial cleansing. To protect your sensitive skin as well as possible from blemishes, pillowcases should be changed once or twice a week.

How often should I wash pillowcases?

How often a pillowcase is washed depends on how often it is used, the environmental conditions and how many spare pillowcases are available. On average, pillowcases that are used frequently and are slept on, for example, should be washed 1 to 2 times a week. Decorative cushion covers, which often just lie around and serve as decoration, can also be washed every few months.

Should I wash new pillowcases?

Yes, because washing washes out any chemical residues that may have arisen during production. This way, you can be sure that your pillowcase will not cause any skin irritation and can also be used by allergy sufferers without any problems. So when you wash new pillowcases, you are always on the safe side and can't go wrong.

Why new cushion covers?

Beautiful cushion covers can be used to create decorative accents and round off interiors. We use the same high-quality velvet fabric for our cushion covers as we do for our curtains. This gives you the opportunity to extend the luxurious feel that our high-quality curtains offer into your rooms and create a uniform material look.

Are the cushion covers suitable for cuddling?

Absolutely, our velvety cushion covers are wonderfully soft and practically invite you to snuggle up. The fine velvet pile makes the fabric particularly soft and cosy and the cushion covers feel great. The velvet fabric used has been tested in accordance with Oekotex Standard 100 and is free from harmful substances.

Can I also order cushion inserts or inner cushions from you?

There are many pillow inserts or inner pillows that fit into a 40 cm x 40 cm pillowcase. The inserts are made of different materials and have different fillers and filling quantities. Which inner cushion is the right one is decided according to personal preference. We at Schuette® only supply cushion covers and not inserts or inner cushions.

How big is a normal pillowcase?

The most common pillowcase size is 80 x 80 cm, closely followed by the 40 x 80 cm size. Decorative cushions are most common in the sizes 40 x 40 cm or 50 x 50 cm.

How big should the pillowcase be?

As a rule, the size of the pillowcase and the pillow filling should be the same, e.g. pillowcase in 50x50 cm and pillow filling in 50x50 cm. However, it is also possible to put smaller cushion fillings in larger cushion covers. For example, if you have an inner cushion measuring 45x45 cm, the cushion cover should be ordered in 50x50 cm.

What pillowcase sizes are available?

Pillowcases are available in many shapes and sizes: from rectangular to heart-shaped and from very small to very large. At Schuette you will find pillowcases in the most common sizes: 40x40 cm, 50x50 cm, 40x80 cm, 60x60 cm and 80x80 cm.

Pillowcase, what size?

The size of the cushion cover you choose depends on your own preferences. If possible, we recommend choosing a pillowcase that is the same size as the inner pillow. Alternatively, cushion covers can be larger than the cushion insert.

Which pillow is better 80x80 or 40x80?

This depends on your own preferences. An 80x80 cm pillow is larger, which prevents the head from sliding off the pillow during sleep. On the other hand, a 40x80 cm pillow is better and healthier for the body, as only the head rests on the pillow and not the shoulders. This allows a straight line of the spine.

Pillowcase 45x45, which pillow?

For a cushion cover in 45x45 cm, a cushion in 45x45 cm or smaller can be selected.

Pillowcase 40x40, which pillow?

For a 40x40 cm pillowcase, a 40x40 cm or smaller pillow can be selected.

What to do if the pillowcase is too big?

For example, if you have a 40x80 cm inner pillow in an 80x80 cm pillowcase, the excess material can often be annoying. However, it is not necessary to buy a new inner cushion or a new cushion cover straight away. It is also not necessary to re-sew, as you can simply fold the cushion cover to fit. We show you how: 1. lay the pillowcase flat on the bed with the inner pillow inside. 2. push the inner cushion all the way up. 3. hold the bottom right-hand corner of the pillowcase with one hand and lift the pillowcase material on the right-hand side of the pillow with the other hand. 4. tuck the bottom right-hand corner of the cushion cover under the top right-hand corner of the cushion cover so that the excess material is between the cushion and the cushion cover and disappears there. 5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the wrong side. 6. smooth away the creases. The 40x80 cm cushion cover is finished from an 80x80 cm cushion cover without sewing.

How do I sew a cushion cover?

To sew a cushion cover, you need the desired material, a tape measure, scissors, thread, a sewing machine and buttons or a zip including slider. Cut the material to the desired size + 1 cm overhang per side. Two 52x52 cm squares are therefore required for a 50x50 cm cushion cover. Attach the zip or buttons to one side of a piece of fabric. Place both pieces of fabric on top of each other: with the outside of the fabric facing inwards so that they touch. Attach the zip (or the second part of the buttons in the case of press studs) to the other piece of fabric Sew the remaining three sides (without the zip/buttons) of both pieces of fabric together, leaving a 1 cm gap between each side. Turn the cushion cover inside out so that the right side is now facing outwards. The 50x50 cm cushion cover is finished.

Which fabrics for cushion covers?

Cushion covers are available in many different fabrics. They are made from velvet, silk, satin, cotton, linen or many other fabrics. Each of these fabrics offers different visual and functional properties.

Why silk pillowcases?

Silk is a natural fabric that not only feels luxurious and looks elegant, but is also particularly good for skin and hair. Pillowcases made from a fine, smooth texture like silk create less friction for the skin and hair, which, unlike cotton, minimises wrinkles, frizz in the hair and hair breakage. Silk pillowcases are the best choice for healthy skin and hair.

Why satin pillowcases?

Satin is often said to be silk's little sister. Satin is made from polyester, which is why it is significantly cheaper than silk, but satin has similar functional properties to silk. Satin pillowcases are therefore also good for the skin and hair, as they reduce hair breakage and wrinkles and are affordable at the same time.

Which pillowcase for hair?

Pillowcases made of silk or satin are particularly good for hair. The best choice would be silk, but satin is more affordable. These two fabrics have a fine texture, which means that there is less friction between the hair and the pillowcase and the hair can glide over the pillowcase. This reduces frizz and hair breakage.

Which is better: soft or hard pillow?

It depends, because a good and correct sleeping position is characterised by a straight line of the spine and head. Both should be in a straight line. It therefore depends on the body type whether a soft or hard pillow helps us to maintain this position. Ultimately, however, it is a question of personal preference as to whether you achieve a better and pain-free sleep with a soft or hard pillow.

Which is better: down or polyester pillows?

Down and polyester pillows have their own advantages. As a pillow for sleeping, the down pillow is and remains the favourite. Down remains voluminous, is soft and light at the same time and offers excellent temperature equalisation, which can be a saviour especially on hot summer nights. Those who often suffer from neck pain and back problems should opt for the synthetic version, the polyester pillow, as these are more dimensionally stable and can provide better support for the neck.

What is the best filling for sofa cushions?

The best filling for sofa cushions is polyester, as polyester cushion inserts retain their shape and therefore remain plump and attractive for a long time.

What makes a good cushion?

Depending on the use, there are various properties that are decisive for a good pillow. A sleeping pillow should be temperature-regulating, but at the same time not too soft. Down pillows are the right choice here, but care should be taken to ensure that the filling is not too weak and insufficient so that the pillow is not too soft. Sometimes it can help to put a slightly larger and much too soft pillow in a slightly smaller pillowcase. A good decorative pillow consists of a soft pillowcase made of velvet, for example, and has a polyester pillow filling, as this looks elegant and of high quality and retains its shape for a long time.

Where to dispose of pillows?

This depends on the size of the cushion. Small cushions can be disposed of with residual waste. Large cushions should be disposed of with bulky waste. If there is a recycling centre near you, you can also dispose of old cushions there.

Schuette® Dekorativer Kissenbezug aus Samt mit verdecktem Reißverschluss • Millenium Velvet Kollektion: Plum (Purple) • Knitterfrei • Kuschelweich
Schuette® Dekorativer Kissenbezug aus Samt mit verdecktem Reißverschluss • Millenium Velvet Kollektion: Plum (Purple) • Knitterfrei • Kuschelweich
Schuette® Dekorativer Kissenbezug aus Samt mit verdecktem Reißverschluss • Millenium Velvet Kollektion: Plum (Purple) • Knitterfrei • Kuschelweich
Schuette® Dekorativer Kissenbezug aus Samt mit verdecktem Reißverschluss • Millenium Velvet Kollektion: Plum (Purple) • Knitterfrei • Kuschelweich
Schuette® Dekorativer Kissenbezug aus Samt mit verdecktem Reißverschluss • Millenium Velvet Kollektion: Plum (Purple) • Knitterfrei • Kuschelweich
Schuette® Dekorativer Kissenbezug aus Samt mit verdecktem Reißverschluss • Millenium Velvet Kollektion: Plum (Purple) • Knitterfrei • Kuschelweich
Schuette® Dekorativer Kissenbezug aus Samt mit verdecktem Reißverschluss • Millenium Velvet Kollektion: Plum (Purple) • Knitterfrei • Kuschelweich
Schuette® Dekorativer Kissenbezug aus Samt mit verdecktem Reißverschluss • Millenium Velvet Kollektion: Plum (Purple) • Knitterfrei • Kuschelweich