Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about pleated blinds, roller blinds, Schuette, our manufactory, our online store & interesting facts.

General questions about our Schuette® pleated blinds & roller blinds:

  • Question: Do I need any special tools to mount Schuette pleated blinds on my windows?
No! You do not need any tools for the installation of our Schuette® pleated blinds without drilling / Suprafix clamps. The installation is super simple and done in a few moments. If you have decided to use Schuette® pleated blinds with drilling, i.e. for screwing on, you only need a screwdriver. Tips: However, our assemblers often use simple tools to speed up the installation even more. When installing with drilling, for example, a total of 4-8 tiny holes with a diameter of 2mm are pre-drilled in the window frame to screw the 4 small brackets into the window inner frame even faster and easier. When assembling the handles, which you use to move the pleated blind downwards and which have to be pushed against the pleated profile, our assemblers often use a hammer or other blunt object to bring them into position and snap them into place even faster. Please do not have any fear or hesitation to do the same! Our handles, like all other components, are very robust and have been developed by us to provide you and your home with many years of true service.
  • Question: How much time do I need for the assembly of the Schuette pleated blinds?
It's lightning fast and our entire team will continue to do everything possible to ensure that no other pleated blind can be installed easier & faster than your Schuette® pleated blind. The installation of our Schuette® pleated blinds without drilling takes on average about 3-4 minutes for the first pleated blind, about 2 minutes for the second pleated blind, and from the third or fourth pleated blind onwards, you will be able to install it on the window in under 60 seconds. Years ago, our customers unofficially started a 60 seconds installation challenge just for fun and games and still send us funny cell phone videos of the installation regularly. With stopwatch, in costumes, on the beach, piggybacking or :) It gives us unbelievable joy and energy to continue to put all our heart and soul into our products. Our pleated blinds with drilling can be installed in about 3-10 minutes, depending on how fast you are in. In general: We always deliver you finished, directly from our factory manufactured brand products and not a Chinese model kit with dozens of individual parts, which you have to assemble for an hour with effort and frustration. Our pleated blinds as well as roller blinds are always as far as possible completely assembled, in order to ensure nevertheless a safe transport. You have hardly any single parts and the assembly is a piece of cake. If questions should arise nevertheless, you can be sure, we, our entire team are there for you! No matter where, no matter when, we are there for you and together with you we will solve any problem. Always.
  • Question: Do I have to buy anything extra (screws, clamps) to mount my Schuette pleated blinds or are they included with every pleated blinds?
Every ordered pleated blind and roller blind is always delivered with all necessary mounting elements. You do not have to buy anything extra.  If a part is missing or lost, just send us a short message (by email or in our messaging system) with your order number and we will send you what you need immediately.
  • Question: Do I have to choose which type of mounting I want for my Schuette roller blinds, or are the roller blinds always supplied with clamps and screw brackets?
Our Schuette® 2in1 roller blinds can be either clamped to your window or screwed on. Both brackets incl. clips or screws (Suprafix roller blind clamp and screw holder) are always included with every order of Schuette® roller blinds. This means that you always have a free choice of how you would like to mount the blind.
  • Question: Are the pleated fabrics opaque? Is it possible to look into the apartment from the outside at night when the pleated blind is closed?
No! Of course we have thought of this situation when we designed our pleated fabrics. All our pleated fabric collections (Schuette® Premium, Schuette® Thermo, Schuette® Melange as well as Schuette® Dolomite) are 100% "opaque". With light colors you can only see coarse shadows when looking in from the outside. With our darker fabrics, sometimes not even these coarse shadows are visible.
  • Question: I bought the version with drilling, moved in another apartment and unfortunately I can only mount clamps in the new apartment. Can I change the mounting method and mount my pleated blind with the Suprafix clamps without drilling or do I have to buy a new pleated blind?
All our Schuette® Suprafix fasteners are compatible with each other and can be exchanged with each other through our Click&Forget system. So you can easily install the same pleated blind in your new home with our Suprafix clamps without drilling, provided your window dimensions allow it.
  • Question: How likely is a breakage of the window pane due to heat accumulation with thermo pleated blinds?
We at Schuette live our pleated blinds and roller blinds day in, day out and tagaus❤ These and many other problems, which are known from other manufacturers, are already counteracted in the development process. For our Schuette® Thermo pleated blinds we do not use regular aluminium foil as external coating as known from cheap pleated blinds from China, but a self-developed lacquer impregnation. This "special lacquer" and our assembly methods counteract such a case in the best possible way. Our customers have never had and will never have such a mishap. Your Schuette® brand pleated blinds should give you joy, happiness and a great feeling. This is exactly why we love and live pleated blinds & roller blinds.
  • Worth knowing: Pleated fabric market & an insight into our change
The absolute majority of the thermo, blackout and honeycomb fabrics for pleated blinds and roller blinds available on the European market come from China. We as a manufactory, which produces all pleated fabrics and components itself, are regularly offered super cheap pleated fabrics by importers from Europe and manufacturers from the Far East. Some time ago during a trip to Asia we took the opportunity to visit some of these factories for thermo and 100% blackout pleated blinds in China. This was the moment when we decided that we would continue to produce everything ourselves. And we promised that we would only use components from other manufacturers in case of absolute emergency, but then only from manufacturers we had inspected, because what we saw left us partly stunned. These inhumane and environmentally unworthy circumstances, which we experienced there on site, have left us and would also leave you speechless and break your heart. The young age of the "employees", the impossible working conditions, an enormous health burden due to missing protective clothing / tools, Gulag working hours & prison accommodation were unimaginable for us personally, especially now in the 21st century and in rich China. The brute natural pollution, for example through the discharge of paints and chemicals into the nearby river or groundwater, not to mention the quality...
  • We can and will NEVER support them even if they would deliver the fabrics on gold trays for free.
Exactly that was by the way the point for us, at which we decided to finally supply our pleated blinds also to final customers and no longer only exclusively to architects, interior decorators, hotels and CO.

We put an end to inferior DIY store roller blinds, modular pleated blinds and waste of resources with so-called 3-week pleated blinds.

The biggest problem was and still is the price sensitivity of the market. In order to bring about a change in most consumers' product choice from inferior pleated blinds and roller blinds to higher quality ones, it is necessary not only to point out the big differences between them, but also to accommodate the price. We knew that we could not continue to sell our 80x120cm pleated blinds for 100 Euro and more if we wanted to achieve this change and turnaround in most consumers. What followed was months of development and re-invention. Together with our employees from all areas it was our goal to develop something that is fair, attractively priced and yet of such high quality that customers simply no longer see an advantage in buying inferior products for a few euros less from manufacturers who are not interested in employees or the environment. The mass of the customers now reaches for brand pleated blinds and finally  shows the finger to China pleated blinds. Processes had to be optimized, above all, work and production had to be more intelligent. What we did not want was to save neither on quality nor on our employees. Our credo is that the lifestyle of the product is only as good as the lifestyle of the people who make it. Our products play in the homes of tens of thousands of customers, really great people with sun rays, create light plays, emotions, unforgettable moments. Of course, all of our employees are and have always been not only fair but also well paid and a working atmosphere and working environment is created that lives up to this credo. "Helloooo!!!", that's what our 7-year-old daughter Mia would call in, if you tell about a matter of course. The result is our new Schuette® pleated blinds after almost one and a half years and after another two years now also our Schuette® roller blinds for final customers, which create a new balance day after day, with every new order and every new home. Away from „tight is right“ at the expense of people, animals and the environment, towards the conservation of resources, ethics, respect and appreciation of heart and soul, hard work and commitment. Thank you! Thank you in the name of all families who together through their heart and passion make up the Schuette pleated blind manufacture. PS: We hope we didn't surprise you with this text in our "Frequently Asked Questions", but we have come to the conclusion that you have the right to know who we are, how we think and what we do. Finally, let us into your home :)

Questions about Schuette® pleated blinds without drilling:

  • Question: How wide and how high is the pleated blind?
The ordered width always corresponds to the actual dimensions of the pleated fabric. The width of the pleated fabric and the pleated profiles always corresponds to your ordered width. We work with a height tolerance of about 3-5% to your advantage, so that even after the pleated fabric has been stretched on your window, there is enough room to ensure that the pleated fabric is not stretched too hard. Please consider that the cords are usually only as long as your ordered height. We always recommend to choose normal 1-2cm or for standardized heights (80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 130cm, 150cm, 200cm, 230cm) always the next bigger height. Even with 50cm the additional pleats are only about 2cm in height when the pleats are pushed together. The positive effect, however, is that the darkening effect can be improved by the additional material. If you only want to have the pleated cords longer this is no problem. Please order the actual height and write us in the comment to your order that the fabric should be shorter. We do this with pleasure and this is no problem for us.