Schuette® Pleated Blind Made to Measure without Drilling • Suprafix Clamp holder "Incognito X" • Honeycomb Collection: Olive Branch (Yellow)Profile color: White

Moonlight (Weiß)
Calm Coast (Beige)
The Dune (Beige)
Maple Wood (Brown)
Silver Mist (Grey)
Twilight Tango (Grau)
Starry Night (Schwarz)
Poppy Petal (Dark red)
Citrus Glow (Orange)
Sunburst (Gelb)
Olive Branch (Olive green)
Green Tea (Green)
Skyline (Blau)
Arctic Ocean (Dark blue)
Without Drilling
With drilling
Roof Blind
Suprafix Clamp holder "Incognito X"
Suprafix Mounts “For glueing”
Suprafix Clamp holder “With Allen”
Suprafix Clamp holder “Double 2in1”

€14.99 including tax

  • Features of pleated blackout blinds: maximum room darkening (NO! visible drill holes and tension cords in the fabric), heat protection + cold protection (thermal function), sound insulation (improved room acoustics), high energy-saving potential; infinitely adjustable (up & down), double tensioned (NO swinging), NO! Unhooking of the fabric, special aluminum profiles (NO! bending/breaking), fully assembled as far as possible (NO! threading the pleated blind cord / NO! time-consuming assembly of many individual parts).
  • Measuring instructions: Width = window glass width (glass from left to right) + projection 1 to 3 cm per side (max. up to the window handle) x height = window frame height + 2 to 5 cm.
  • Installation: Schuette® Suprafix pleated blind clamp holder ‘Incognito X’ - Now NEW: Incognito X bids farewell to our standard Incognito holders as they enter their well-earned retirement. Stronger, smaller, more invisible and compatible with all Schuette® pleated blinds! Transparent (practically invisible and suitable for any window colour) and small & sophisticated (gentle on rubber seals and best possible prevention of draughts/air hissing). Installation in less than 3 minutes, without drilling & without tools (included).
  • Plisseestoff: Wabenstoff mit doppelter Zellstruktur, leistet bis zu 100% Verdunkelung dank innovativer Beschichtung in Weltraum-Silber innerhalb der Zellen, hält selbst intensives & direktes Sonnenlicht ab, UV-Schutz (kein schnelles Verblassen), gleichmäßiges Pleated blind fabric: honeycomb fabric with double cell structure, provides up to 100% blackout thanks to innovative coating in space silver within the cells, keeps out even intense & direct sunlight, UV protection (no rapid fading), uniform pleat pattern, Oekotex certified, gently colored & completely self-developed; colored front & white back.
  • Safe & noticeable dissipation of heat build-up on the window pane without glass breakage thanks to superior space utilization and asymmetrical cell shape: maximum distance to the window pane thanks to almost smooth fabric backing with fully extended honeycomb fabric
  • Frequently asked questions: The most frequently asked questions are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Dear customers: These are original Schuette® brand honeycomb pleated blinds. The Schuette® brand stands for solid, long-lasting quality products, which are manufactured in compliance with the strictest craftsmanship, locally and at fair wages as well as from modern materials. Schuette® honeycomb pleated blinds are in NO WAY comparable with cheap DIY store pleated blinds & Chinese blinds!
  • Beware of copycats: For some time now, bad counterfeits of our Schuette pleated blinds have unfortunately been offered under other brand names. These can often be recognized by the fact that similar photos, descriptions or even the term "Premium" or the "" symbol are used in the title. Please continue to rely on the original from Schuette and on quality when it comes to your home!




Olive Branch (Olive green)

Profile Color


Pleated Blinds

Without Drilling


Suprafix Clamp holder "Incognito X"




€14.99   including tax

Schuette® honeycomb pleated blinds without drilling - for your living comfort.

  • The superhero when it comes to cosy temperatures all year round. First-class darkening included.
  • Reduced heat loss at the window 
  • Window-friendly dissipation of trapped heat thanks to specially developed, asymmetrical cell shape
  • Uniform quality pleat and window appearance thanks to white fabric backing and concealed cord guide in the selected profile colour

Schuette® made-to-measure honeycomb pleated blinds give your rooms a cosy, inviting ambience. They are not only an excellent decorative design element for your windows, but also effectively reduce the heat in your rooms in the summer heat and help to keep out the icy cold in winter. In addition, honeycomb pleated blinds darken up to 100% and save energy to achieve a pleasant room temperature all year round.

Choose the right shade for your home from the many possible colours and create a skilful accent. The white fabric backing ensures high light reflection and a uniform window appearance from the outside, regardless of the chosen fabric colour. This allows you to give free rein to your creativity in the individual colour design of your room while maintaining a uniform appearance from the outside.


60 seconds installation

Schuette® pleated blinds are pre-assembled as far as possible to ensure easy, quick and frustration-free installation. Together with your order you will receive our assembly instructions, which also contain a link to our video instructions.


  • NO! tedious assembly of many individual parts
  • NO! tedious threading of the pleated blind cord
  • NO! cheap modular Chinese roller blinds that don't fit and are no good

If you still have any questions about installation, our products or us, we are here for you.

Now new: Incognito has become Incognito X!

The evolution that would not have been possible without you, the best customers in the world. We collected all your suggestions and wishes and took them to heart. It was time for our regular Incognito pleated blind holder to retire and thanks to your feedback and co-operation we were able to create its successor. 

After years of development, hundreds of prototypes and countless tests, we can now proudly present our new Suprafix Incognito X clamp - the innovative fusion of your wishes and our creation.


Schuette® Suprafix clamp holder ‘Incognito X’

The least visible, smallest, most robust and customisable clamp for pleated blinds on the market. What's more, it is not only particularly easy to fit, but can also be attached to most windows thanks to the extremely thin hook. The special, innovative plastic is extremely durable and elastic at the same time. 

  • Practically invisible, small & well thought out
  • Bombproof hold & unbreakable
  • Inconspicuous, thanks to ideal material mix for maximum light breakage
  • Quick, uncomplicated installation without special tools. Everything you need is included in the scope of delivery.
  • Flexibly adjustable from 9 to 24 mm
  • Windows can be opened thanks to ultra-slim hooks (up to 9 mm narrower than other clamps)
  • Schuette® Click&Forget system makes it easy to change to other Schuette® bracket types if required (can be purchased separately here)

The special shape of the Suprafix clip protects the rubber seals of the window more than other pleated blind clip systems. This prevents the ‘air hissing’ on the window sash/window frame that is otherwise possible with this type of installation (without drilling).

The best brackets for your window type

Recommended bracketWindow typeTechnical specificationWindow with rubber sealWindow without rubber sealColour of the holder
Suprafix clamp holder ‘Incognito X’PVC windows Wooden, windows, Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 9 - 24 mm
Suprafix ‘Double 2in1’ screw & clamp holderPVC windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 14 - 25 mm
Suprafix clamp holder ‘For tightening’PVC windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 5 - 23 mm
White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown
Suprafix ‘For gluing’ adhesive holderPVC windows Aluminium windowsGlazing bead depth > 5 mm
White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown
Suprafix brackets ‘With drilling’PVC windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsGlazing bead depth > 10 mm
White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown

Aluminium profile rails

  • The two aluminium profiles used in the pleated blind, which allow the incidence of light to be adjusted as required, are aesthetically superior to others (e.g. made of plastic) and are also so stable that they will last for many years without bending or scratching. 
  • Thanks to their construction, they guarantee the robustness and stability of the pleated blind regardless of its size.
  • The quality of our profile rails is just as high as the other components of our modern pleated blind systems.
  • When manufacturing the pleated blinds, we ensure that the system is firmly and securely tensioned with double lacing and optimised with springs. This means that even with wide pleated blinds, the profile rails do not bend and fabric sagging is prevented.

Only with widths over 150 cm can there be minimal bending in the centre of the profile rail. However, the functionality of the pleated blinds is not impaired in any way.

Original Up&Down system

Pleated blinds are very simple to operate. They are made of fabric that is folded into an accordion shape. Cords are attached to the sides of the pleats to stabilise the fabric on which the pleated blind moves.

Opening and closing is very easy: simply grasp the handle attached to the aluminium profile and move it upwards (if you want to cover the upper part of the window) or downwards (if you want to cover the lower part of the window). This distributes the fabric evenly, covers the window and protects the interior from sunlight.

  • The functional diversity of pleated blinds offers enormous possibilities for regulating darkening and light incidence while maintaining privacy.
  • In ground floor flats, the option of darkening only the lower part of the window is appreciated, as this preserves privacy.
  • The corresponding amount of light from the upper part of the window enters the living space and protects the interior of the house or flat from unwanted glances from outside.
  • Pleated blinds make a room appear cosier. With the pleated blind's infinitely variable adjustment system, you can regulate the amount of light and the view from outside to inside.

What makes honeycomb pleated blinds so special

The power lies in the fabric

  • Maximum possible room darkening and high energy efficiency thanks to honeycomb cell shape, special silver coating and concealed cords
  • Wide range of colours with timeless colours as well as fresh trend colours such as blue & yellow
  • Sound insulation and reduction of external noise - produced locally in accordance with EU standards, Oeko-Tex certified 

Honeycomb pleated blinds that inspire.

We are particularly proud of our new honeycomb pleated blackout fabrics, which enable us to offer real blackout pleated blinds with maximum room darkening.

Thanks to the honeycomb cell shape and a specially developed silver coating within the honeycomb, honeycomb pleated blinds are opaque and achieve the highest level of room darkening that can be achieved with tensioned pleated blinds.

The concealed drill holes for the tension cords also contribute to this, as these are located inside the honeycomb structure and therefore neither light can penetrate nor can the cords be seen from the outside.

Acoustic upgrade with honeycomb

Thanks to the double cell structure, honeycomb pleated blinds contribute in part to sound insulation and improved room acoustics. Sound waves are absorbed and the sound level in the room and outside noise are reduced.

Focus on colour harmony

We have put together a selection of attractive colours for you in our pleated blind store: from white and shades of beige and sand to modern shades of grey and black. The range of colours is rounded off with a colourful touch with the two trend colours ‘Skyline’ and ‘Sunburst’. The modern colour tones in blue and an intense yellow radiate joy and well-being!

Craftsmanship without compromise

Our honeycomb pleated blind fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified and have undergone extensive tests and inspections to ensure that they fulfil their purpose and give you pleasure for a very long time. 

They come from European production, as we want to support local manufacturers. We at Plisseemanufaktur Schuette® are therefore probably the first manufacturer not to offer honeycomb pleated blind fabrics from China or Taiwan.

Save energy with honeycomb pleated blinds

  • According to studies, over 40% less heat loss and over 70% less heat absorption at the window
  • more pleasant room temperatures all year round
  • demonstrable savings in heating costs

Study-driven top performance

According to a 2011 study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, internal privacy and sun protection systems such as pleated blinds, honeycomb pleated blinds (otherwise known as chamber pleated blinds or cellular pleated blinds), roller blinds and vertical blinds can serve as temporary additional thermal insulation. In this study, a free-hanging honeycomb pleated blind was found to be the most effective internal sun protection system. Based on this study, some manufacturers of thermal honeycomb pleated blinds still advertise up to 40% less heat loss at the window and demonstrable heating cost savings in winter as well as up to 70% less heat absorption at the window.

One thing is certain: honeycomb pleated blinds help to save energy. This is not only noticeable in theory, but especially in practice. In view of the rising cost of electricity and gas, we should all try to save as much energy as possible. With a genuine blackout pleated blind from Schuette®, we are making our best contribution yet.


Honeycomb pleated blind heat protection

In summer, the room heats up much less when the honeycomb pleated blind is closed, as the sun's rays are reflected outwards by the honeycomb fabric and an insulating air cushion is also formed inside the cells. The heat ‘intercepted’ by the air cushion is therefore not allowed into the room, resulting in a clearly noticeable, pleasant room temperature.


Honeycomb pleated blind cold protection

In winter, the insulating air cushion reduces the penetration of cold. A barrier is created between the room and the window, which also ensures that the heat stays in the room considerably longer and therefore less heating is required.

Differences to pleated fabrics

  • Viewed from the side, the honeycomb pleated blind resembles the structure of honeycombs
  • Greater reduction in heat loss at the window compared to conventional pleated blinds and roller blinds

Conventional pleated fabrics consist of a layer of specially finished fabric that is pleated on a pleating machine. The usual pleat height is 20 mm and there are a number of different weave types of fabric. Honeycomb pleated fabrics are made from a different type of material and are manufactured differently. 

Structure of honeycomb

The fabrics used for honeycomb pleated blinds are so-called non-wovens. Non-woven fabrics consist of interconnected fibres that are particularly light and flexible. For our Thermo honeycomb pleated blinds, an additional opaque silver coating is laminated onto the back of the non-woven fabric. The coated nonwovens are designed in the form of honeycombs (cells). The individual cells are then glued together to create a long row of interconnected honeycomb cells. 

  1. Cells in the form of honeycombs
  2. Safe & noticeable dissipation of trapped heat thanks to greater distance from the window pane
  3. Asymmetrical cell shape with silver foil coating inside the cell

When closed, a honeycomb pleated blind is 25 mm deep. If the pleated blind is pulled open and the cell is opened, the depth of the cell is reduced. There is air inside the open cell. The silver foil inside the cell lets neither light nor air through and therefore ensures that the fully open Thermo honeycomb pleated blind with drilling is a barrier to the sun's rays and air. Honeycomb pleated fabrics are therefore far ahead of pleated or roller blind fabrics in terms of insulation.


Pleated blind fabrics are determined by 3 basic parameters:

Light transmission - the penetration of light through the fabric (the lower the percentage value, the less light and heat passes through the fabric into the room, i.e. the darker it is in the room).

Light reflection - the reflection of sunlight to the outside (the higher the value, the more light the fabric reflects. The more light and heat a fabric reflects, the less enters the room).

Light absorption - the light absorbed by the fabric and converted into thermal energy (the higher the value, the more heat the fabric absorbs. The absorbed heat is then released back into the room over a period of time)

The sum of light transmission, light reflection and light absorption is always 100% and refers to the light and solar energy that the fabric transmits. To find the most suitable colour for your home, you can order fabric samples via our customer service.

To find the most suitable colour for your home, you can order fabric samples free of charge, except for a small shipping fee, via our customer service.


Finding the right dimensions - our guide

The Klemmfix honeycomb pleated blinds are made to measure and are mounted on the window sash or window frame. They are clamped to the top and bottom of the movable window sash using 2 clamps. We recommend the following instructions for measuring your customised Schuette® honeycomb pleated blind without drilling:  

  • Width = glass width including rubber seal + 1-3 cm protrusion per side. Please note the position of your window handle when measuring the overhang. Attention: The pleated blind must not end directly at the handle. We recommend leaving a gap of approx. 0.5 - 1.0 cm between the pleated blind and the handle.
  • Height = height of the entire window frame + 2-5 cm allowance. 

Tip: If you only want to cover part of a window or door, we can adjust the cord length to be longer if required. To do this, please enter the partial dimensions in our pleated blind configurator and add the pleated blind to the shopping basket. Next, please enter the desired cord length (= window frame height + 2 to 5 cm) in the comments field at the bottom of the shopping basket. Our production team will be happy to take this into account for you!

Example: If the pleated blind is to measure 60.3 x 120 cm and your window frame is 200 cm high, the pleated blind should be ordered in 60.3 x 120 cm and it should be mentioned in the comments field that the cord length should be 200 cm.


FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Schuette® Pleated Blind Made to Measure without Drilling • Suprafix Clamp holder "Incognito X" • Honeycomb Collection: Olive Branch (Yellow)Profile color: White

Are all the parts needed for assembly included?

Naturally. And you don't need any tools to assemble it!

Does the pleated blind darken the room completely?

Our blackout pleated blind achieves the maximum room darkening possible with a tensioned pleated blind. No light passes through the fabric and the drill holes are inside the cell and not visible. Light can only enter the room through light gaps in the sides of the pleated blind.

Do blackout honeycomb fabrics let any sunlight through?

Our honeycomb fabrics are designed so that they do not transmit light at an intensity of 30,000 lux. The light intensity of normal daylight is generally lower than this, e.g. less than 10,000 lux in winter when the sky is overcast and around 20,000 lux in summer when the sky is overcast. In unfiltered direct sunlight, illuminance can exceed 30,000 lux. In such cases, some light can pass through the fabric very weakly at the points where the honeycomb cells are glued together. The light is then diffused through the fabric at these points and has a very low light intensity. Even in these cases, the blackout performance of the honeycomb fabric is > 99%.

Is it possible to see into the apartment from the outside at night when the light is on?

No! There is no question that honeycomb pleated blinds can achieve thermal blackout. They do not allow any light or views through and offer maximum privacy and maximum room darkening.

Can I save energy with pleated blinds?

Yes, you can save energy and money with our blackout pleated blinds. The blackout honeycomb fabrics do not let any light through and can keep up to 2/3 of the sun's heat out of the room. The short answer to the question of whether honeycomb blinds offer thermal protection is yes: in summer you need to cool less, and in winter the blinds reduce the rapid loss of heat through the window. This keeps the room at a comfortable temperature for longer, eliminates the need for additional heating and saves electricity.

What is the difference between a thermal pleated blind and a honeycomb pleated blind in terms of energy saving?

A blackout pleated blind is being closed every evening and opened again in the morning and placed in a desired position. Thus, it is one of the most frequently moved pleated blinds. For a frequently operated pleated blind, a particularly firm and stable fastening is very important. For this reason, we recommend for pleated blinds without drillA thermal pleated blind uses opaque fabrics with a thermal protection finish to increase light reflection while reducing light transmission and absorption. However, daylight is still allowed to pass through the fabric so that rooms can be used for a variety of purposes without the need for artificial light sources, such as living and working in the living room and study. A true pleated blackout blind is primarily intended to darken a room. As the fabric does not let any light through, it also keeps the heat out of the room in the summer and in the room in the winter. Anyone who has had experience with honeycomb blinds can confirm the difference to conventional thermal pleated blinds. Once a honeycomb blind, always a honeycomb blind!

What is the width and height of the pleated blind?

This depends on the mounting method. If you choose a non-drilling pleated blind with a clamp, you can cover the entire window glass plus an overhang on all sides. If you choose a pleated blind with an adhesive holder or a honeycomb pleated blind with a hole that is mounted in the glazing bead, the pleated blind is mounted closer to the window glass and covers the glass surface. We manufacture our pleated blinds to the finished size ordered. The width ordered (e.g. 80cm) is the actual width of the blind. The height is the total height of the blind. The tension cords are adjusted to the height ordered.

What is the best way to mount a pleated blind?

A pleated blind is closed each evening, opened in the morning and moved to the desired position. This makes it one of the most frequently moved pleated blinds. For a roman blind that is used a lot, it is very important to have an extra strong and stable fixation. For this reason, we recommend our extra strong Premium 'Tighten' clamp for pleated blinds without drilling. This clamp can be retightened with the supplied wrench if it has become loose over time due to frequent use. However, the tightest, most stable and durable way to secure a pleated blind to a window is always to screw it down, even if this requires drilling. For pleated blinds that require drilling, we offer two screw fixing options, with mounting plates in the glazing bead or with angle brackets ("Double 2in1") in front of the glazing bead.

What is a glazing bead?

The glazing bead on a window is the small frame that holds the pane and rubber seal in place. On PVC and metal windows, this moulding is hollow and can be drilled (also on wooden windows). A window fitter wishing to replace a pane will remove these glazing beads to gain access to the pane. Glazing beads can be ordered as spare parts.

The glazing bead on my window is chamfered, can I fit pleated blinds there?

Yes, you can. Every Schuette® pleated blind for drilling is supplied with four different mounting plates that can compensate for different glass bead slopes and even roundings. However, the glazing bead should be at least 10 mm deep so that there is enough space between the glass pane and the pleated blind fabric for air circulation and to allow room for the bracket. If the glazing bead is not 10 mm deep, angle mounting or clamp and glue mounting can be used.

Is this pleated blind also a Chinese blind that takes 30 minutes to assemble?

No. This is a quality product that has been specially designed. We value your time and your "home" too much, so the pleated blind is assembled as much as possible to ensure safe transport.

Can the brackets hold pleated blinds with large dimensions?

Yes, all our mounts are regularly tested and designed to work perfectly even at the maximum dimensions.

Are pleated blinds suitable for the bathroom or kitchen?

Our pleated fabrics can be used in wet rooms.

Can I switch from one Suprafix mount to another?

The mounts are designed so that they can be easily replaced with other Schuette® mounts if required. Please contact our customer service for further information, as changes may need to be made to the pleated blind dimensions.

Schuette® Wabenplissee ohne Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Klemmhalter “Incognito" Standard • Honey Kollektion: Olive (Olivgrün) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Wabenplissee ohne Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Klemmhalter “Incognito" Standard • Honey Kollektion: Olive (Olivgrün) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Wabenplissee ohne Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Klemmhalter “Incognito" Standard • Honey Kollektion: Olive (Olivgrün) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Wabenplissee ohne Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Klemmhalter “Incognito" Standard • Honey Kollektion: Olive (Olivgrün) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Wabenplissee ohne Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Klemmhalter “Incognito" Standard • Honey Kollektion: Olive (Olivgrün) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Wabenplissee ohne Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Klemmhalter “Incognito" Standard • Honey Kollektion: Olive (Olivgrün) • Profilfarbe: Weiß
Schuette® Wabenplissee ohne Bohren nach Maß • Suprafix Klemmhalter “Incognito" Standard • Honey Kollektion: Olive (Olivgrün) • Profilfarbe: Weiß