Schuette® Suprafix pleated blind bracket for screw-on/with drilling • 4 piece • White

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Sie haben sich bei den Maßen vertan oder spontan doch in eine andere Farbe verliebt? Kein Problem! Schuette® PerfectFit ermöglicht Ihnen die nachträgliche 360° Produkt-Anpassung für ein wunschlos glückliches Gesamtbild.

1x Maß-Korrektur, Halter- oder Farbwechsel inklusive, sogar bis zu 30 Tagen nach Lieferung!

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€9.99 including tax

  • 4x cuff Suprafix pleated blind holder for screwing on incl. screws
  • Clean, aesthetic, quick & easy installation without special tools (FYI: you can pre-drill with 2mm plugs)
  • Special material structure guarantees durability and a bomb-proof hold
  • The additional available holder for different window profiles allow a straight attachment of the pleat holders (completely without additional measuring & spirit level) at all windows!
  • Schuette® Click&Forget System ermöglicht bei Bedarf problemlosen Wechsel auf andere Schuette® Halterungsarten
  • In 4 Farben erhältlich: Weiß, Grau, Anthrazit, Braun. Wenn Sie eine andere Farbe als Weiß möchten, nennen Sie bitte die gewünschte Farbe im Kommentarfeld im Warenkorb.


Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

With drilling






€9.99   including tax

Schuette® Suprafix brackets "For screwing on/with drilling"

Quick and easy installation in the glazing bead, Schuette® installation support by email

  • Stable connection to the window and space-saving installation close to the glass pane
  • Can be mounted for glazing beads from 10 mm
  • Also suitable for angled glazing beads. Levelling brackets are included.
  • Robust, non-slip and secure hold
  • Available in all profile colours
  • Available in the following colours: white, silver, anthracite, brown
  • Schuette® Click&Forget system makes it easy to change to other Schuette® bracket types if required

The pleated blinds with drilling are usually mounted in the glazing bead. Two small brackets are screwed into the glazing bead at the top and bottom of each side. The tensioning shoes of the pleated blind are later pushed onto these brackets and the pleated blind is then fully installed. To ensure that the pleated blind fits into the glazing bead of your window, it must be slightly narrower than the glazing bead.

The colour of the bracket is matched to the selected profile colour. If you would like a different colour for the bracket, please enter the desired colour in the comments field in the shopping basket.

The best brackets for your window type:

Recommended bracketWindow typeTechnical specificationWindow with rubber sealWindow without rubber sealColour of the holder
Suprafix clamp holder "Incognito X"Plastic windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 9 - 24 mm
Suprafix "Double 2in1" screw & clamp holderPlastic windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 14 - 25 mm
Suprafix clamp holder "For tightening"Plastic windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 5 - 23 mm
White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown
Suprafix "For gluing" adhesive holderPlastic windows Aluminium windowsGlazing bead depth > 5 mm
White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown
Suprafix brackets "With drilling"Plastic windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsGlazing bead depth > 10 mm
White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown
Suprafix clamp holder "X"Plastic windows Wooden windows Aluminium windowsWindow frame depth 9 - 24 mm
Schuette® Suprafix Plissee Halterungen zum Anschrauben/mit Bohren ● 4 Stück Set ● Weiß