Schuette® Suprafix clamp holder (incl. adhesive pads) & clip screw holder (incl. screws)

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€14.99 including tax

  • Scope of delivery: 2x Suprafix clamp holder incl. adhesive pads, 2x clip screw holder incl. screws (both types of holder included; cannot be purchased separately)
  • Schuette® Suprafix clip holders: adjustable from 15-24 mm; made of robust plastic to prevent breaking or bending; available in all profile colours; can be attached anywhere on the window sash and roller blind track
  • Schuette® Suprafix clip screw holders: supplied with screws; available in white; suitable for mounting on window frame, wall or ceiling.
  • Please enter the desired profile colour for your Suprafix clip holders in the comments field in the shopping basket. If no colour is specified, the brackets are supplied in white.




€14.99   including tax

Schuette® Suprafix clamp brackets (incl. adhesive pads)

The Schuette® Suprafix clamp brackets are supplied with adhesive pads so that your roller blinds can be held even more securely and firmly. The holders are adjustable from 19-29 mm, as we wanted to make them as universal as possible for you. They are made from a strong plastic to prevent the brackets from breaking or bending and to make them as stable as possible. Due to the design of the roller blind profile rail, the clamp brackets can be attached anywhere you like. This has the advantage that you do not have to do without the clamp holders, even if you have a window mechanism at the original clamping points. The clamp holders can be distributed as desired.


Schuette® Suprafix screw holders (incl. screws)

In addition to the clamp brackets, you will also receive our screw brackets with your roller blind. These are ideal for fixed windows or windows where the clamp brackets are too small or too large. The advantage of screw mounting with the Suprafix screw holders is the possibility of attaching the roller blind to the ceiling, the wall or even the window frame. Do you prefer ceiling mounting in a window recess? Use the screw holders to screw on the roller blind and the chain mechanism runs automatically!

Schuette® Suprafix clamp holder (incl. adhesive pads) & clip screw holder (incl. screws)