Schuette® Pleated Blind Made to Measure without Drilling • Suprafix Clamp holder “Incognito" Standard” • Melange Collection: Mint Ice Cream (Green) • Profile Colour: White


€16.99 including tax

  • Attention!: These are original Schuette brand pleated blinds. The brand Schuette stands for quality products, which are manufactured locally, at fair wages and from solid, durable & modern materials, under strictest craftsmanship. Schuette pleated blinds are in NO way comparable with cheap DIY store & China blinds!
  • Measurement instruction: width= window glass width (glass from left to right) +1-3cm (max. up to the window handle) x height= window frame height +2-5cm
  • Features: Infinitely adjustable (Up&Down), double braced (NO pendulum), special aluminium profiles (NO! Bending/Breaking), as far as possible completely assembled (NO! Threading of the pleated blind cord / NO! lengthy assembly of many individual parts)
  • Pleated fabric: 100% opaque, medium translucent, slightly darkening, vivid colors, UV-S protection (no fading), Oekotex certified, gentle colorization & developed in-house
  • Schuette Suprafix pleated blind clamp: Practically invisible, small & sophisticated (best possible prevention of air hissing, gentler on sealing rubber). Robust, non-slip and secure hold (extra adhesive pads for bomb-proof hold included). 60 seconds assembly without drilling & special tools.
  • Cleaning: Can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth | Also suitable for kitchen and bathroom!
  • The most frequently asked questions are listed at the bottom of the page.




Mint Ice Cream (Green)

Profile Color



Suprafix Clamp holder “Incognito" Standard






€16.99   including tax

Colour of mounting


Profile depth

2,3 cm

Up&Down depth

3 cm

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Schuette® Pleated Blind Made to Measure without Drilling • Suprafix Clamp holder “Incognito" Standard” • Melange Collection: Mint Ice Cream (Green) • Profile Colour: White

Are all the parts needed for assembly included?

Of course. In addition, no tools are needed during installation!

What is the width and height of the pleated blind?

The selectable width (e.g. 80cm) is the actual width of the pleated blind. The height is the total height including the cord.

Is it possible to see into the apartment from outside at night with the lights on?

No! While designing our pleated fabric, we have of course thought of this very situation. The pleated fabrics are "opaque". With light colors, at most you can see rough shadows when you look in from the outside.

Is this pleated blind also a China blind that takes 30 minutes to assemble?

No. This is a quality product that has been specially designed. We value your time and "home" too much, so the pleated blind is assembled as much as possible to ensure safe transportation.

What dimensions should I choose if the width is 46.5cm window glass) & the height is 76.5cm (glass+frame from top to bottom)?

We advise adding 1-3cm to the width on each side, if the distances to the window handle and the wall allow it. Thus, the width of 50cm would be recommended. For the height always take at least 1-5cm more, for example 78cm or 80cm.

How deep are the profile rails?

Our aluminum profile rails are 23mm deep.

Are the profiles made of plastic?

No. The profiles we use for our pleated blinds are made of high quality aluminum. This ensures a sturdy and stable construction of our products.

Can the brackets withstand pleated blinds with large dimensions?

Yes. All of our brackets undergo regular testing and are designed to function properly even at the maximum dimensions.

How can I place an order?

To place an order, use the configurator on our website and add your custom pleated blind to the shopping cart. The last step is to pay for your order. We will take care of the rest.

What does the pleated blind set include?

The delivery includes the fasteners selected in our pleated blind configurator, the handles for raising and lowering, installation instructions with a link to video instructions and an invoice sent by mail.

What material is the fabric made of?

The fabrics are made of 100% polyester. Our range includes tightly woven fabrics, smooth fabrics, textured fabrics with fine texture and thermal fabrics with heat and cold protection. All fabrics are Oekotex certified.

Are pleated fabrics suitable for the bathroom or kitchen?

Our pleated fabrics can be used in wet rooms.

How can I remove a pleated blind?

To remove a pleated blind, it is first necessary to fold it. Then carefully unhook it from the holders

Do I need additional help when installing pleated blinds?

Installation is simple, pleated blinds are pre-assembled as much as possible and can be installed quickly. In addition, the package includes installation instructions, which also includes a link to an instructional video. If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Can I get fabric samples?

Yes, just contact our customer service department. The samples are free of charge.

Can I switch from one Suprafix mount to another?

The brackets are designed to be easily replaced with other Schuette® brackets if needed. Please contact our customer service for more information.

Schuette® Pleated Blind Made to Measure without Drilling • Suprafix Clamp holder “Incognito" Standard” • Melange Collection: Mint Ice Cream (Green) • Profile Colour: White