Schuette® fitted sheet with all-round elastic • Wow! Collection: Fluff White (White) • 90 x 200 x 20 cm

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Redy or not? (Red)
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€26.99 including tax

  • Features Schuette® fitted sheets: Durable; Anti-pilling & anti-shrinking technology (lint-free and dimensionally stable even with frequent washing); Smooth edges (wrinkle-free WITHOUT sagging); Antibacterial, skin-friendly & hygienically clean thanks to silver ions (suitable for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers!); Breathable (reduces night sweats!), Temperature-regulating (suitable all year round); Suitable for 20-30 cm high mattresses.
  • Material: 100% natural, combed jersey cotton Highest cotton quality; Dense fabric and first-class thread quality with a material density/grammage of 155 g/m2 (transparency is reduced!); Solid all-round elastic (not flabby!); Special cut & perfect tension (fewer creases!); Carefully dyed (NO discoloration); Softer with every wash; Oeko-Tex certified.
  • Attachment: Schuette® fitted sheets have a discreet and unobtrusive brand logo in the top right-hand corner, so that they can be covered in no time at all (NO ! frustrating searching for the right corners). Perfect-Fit all-round elastic for a crease-free finish.
  • Cleaning: Machine washable at 40ºC. Ironing possible. (Note: Wash fitted sheet separately before first use).
  • Frequently asked questions: The most frequently asked questions are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Dear customer: These are original Schuette® brand fitted sheets. The Schuette® brand stands for solid, long-lasting quality products, which are manufactured in compliance with the strictest craftsmanship, locally and at fair wages as well as from modern materials. Schuette® fitted sheets are in NO way comparable with cheap products from Bangladesh or China!
  • Beware of copycats: For some time now, bad counterfeits of our Schuette pleated blinds have unfortunately been offered under other brand names. These can often be recognized by the fact that similar photos, descriptions or even the term "Premium" or the "" symbol are used in the title. Please continue to rely on the original from Schuette and on quality when it comes to your home!





Mattress height

20 cm


90 x 200 cm


Fluff White (White)




€26.99   including tax

Schuette® Fitted Sheets - Soft touch, restful sleep.

Wrap yourself in pure comfort and enhance your sleep experience with soft, fluffy fitted sheets handmade from pure combed cotton. To start the day in a good mood and with plenty of energy, a good night's sleep should be your top priority. After all, the quality of the night determines the splendour of the day. So treat yourself and your mattress to the complete wellbeing package and plunge into a new world of sleep comfort!

Antibacterial & hygienically clean.

Not only super soft, but also hygienic without any unpleasant odours thanks to the silver ions in the material. Sheets that inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms and keep germs and allergens at bay. Made from 100% natural cotton, they are free from harmful substances and environmentally friendly, skin-friendly and ideal for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.

Anti-pilling & hardwearing. For years of dreams.

Whether bouncing, pulling, turning or tossing and turning: sheets that stand the test of time. The tightly woven, combed jersey cotton fabric with finishing and a material density of 155 g/m2 is not too thin and is therefore extremely hard-wearing and does not form pills, nodules, fluff or fluff even after prolonged use. Equipped with anti-shrinking technology, it does not shrink even after frequent washing. The high-performance, solid and non-shrinking Perfect-Fit all-round elastic provides additional stability and rounds off the durability of the sheet, making it a true, tear-resistant companion.

Breathable & temperature regulating.  For a pleasant feeling when you wake up.

The first-class cotton quality provides a cosy sleeping experience. This includes a reduction in perspiration thanks to the breathable properties of the fabric: the right sheets for a dry feeling when you wake up.   Changing sheets depending on the season is a thing of the past: relief and minimalism are the name of the game. Our sheets are the perfect all-rounder and suitable for use all year round, as they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

1A thread quality. Goodbye to wear and tear.

Thanks to the high thread quality and enormous weave density, our bed sheets retain their shape and are resistant to material fatigue and discolouration. In addition, the grammage and weave reduce the transparency of the fabric. Our gently coloured, dense fabric is therefore characterised by its long-lasting suppleness and shine.

Fit? Like a glove. Always.

The fine-meshed jersey cotton material offers high elasticity and a crease-free result with perfect edges and no sagging thanks to the special cut and Perfect-Fit all-round elastic. The extra-long overlap of 10 cm at the corners gives Schuette® fitted sheets an exceptionally precise fit and ensures a secure hold. In addition, the discreet and unobtrusive brand logo in the top right (or bottom left) corner of the sheet helps you to cover it quickly - without any frustrating searching for the right corners.

Softer with every wash.

Unlike other fabrics, our jersey cotton fabric becomes even cosier and softer after every wash. This happens because the individual fibres in the fabric relax with each wash and break up naturally over time. The longer and more often the sheet is used, the cosier it is and the greater the pleasure of going to bed!

Easy to clean. For more time to relax.

Despite the high fabric quality and its antibacterial and antipilling coating, the care and cleaning process couldn't be easier. Schuette® fitted sheets can be washed in the washing machine at 40ºC. To maximise the feel-good factor of a fresh duvet cover, the sheet can also be ironed.

Style with a green heart.

Schuette® stands for solid, long-lasting quality products made from innovative materials, which are manufactured locally with the highest precision craftsmanship and without any assembly line production. We prioritise fair wages because your lifestyle is only as good as the people who create it for you. Our design processes are well thought out to maximise resource efficiency. Simply environmentally conscious in everything we do!

Quickly put on fitted sheets: Step-by-step.

1) Lay the sheet flat on the bed with the top side facing upwards. The Schuette® brand logo is always on the top right.

2) Tighten the corners of the bed sheet around the corners of the mattress. Clockwise, starting with the top right-hand corner.

3) Smooth the surface and press the remaining sides firmly under the mattress.

4) The wrinkle-free duvet cover is ready!

Folding fitted sheets: Step-by-step.

1) Lay the sheet flat on the table or bed with the underside facing upwards.

2) Grasp the bottom two corners from the outside and insert them into the top two corners.

3) Grasp the top corners and shake out well. Lay flat again with the inside facing upwards.

4) Fold over the top and bottom edges.

5) Fold the left edge over to the right edge. Repeat steps 4) and 5) as required.

6) Ready: wrinkle-free and compact!

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Schuette® fitted sheet with all-round elastic • Wow! Collection: Fluff White (White) • 90 x 200 x 20 cm

Which sheets in summer?

Especially in summer, sheets made from natural materials such as cotton or linen should be chosen. In contrast to fabrics such as polyester, they are breathable and temperature-regulating, so that sweating during sleep can be prevented in the best possible way.

What bed sheet sizes are available?

Mattresses are available in many different sizes. However, you do not need the same number of sheets. Fitted sheets are elasticated and therefore adapt to the existing mattress to a certain extent. It is best to choose a sheet size that matches your mattress. For example, if you have a 160x200 cm mattress, you should also choose a 160x200 cm sheet. Alternatively, you can order a larger sheet and simply hide any excess material under the mattress. Schuette® sheets are suitable for mattresses with a height of 20-30 cm. It is also possible to pull the sheet over a mattress with a topper. Toppers are often used with box spring beds to add flexibility to the softness of the bed, among other things. It is important to note that the total height of the mattress + topper should not exceed 30 cm.

Which sheet to use against sweating?

There is nothing more unpleasant than being pulled out of bed in the middle of the night or in the morning drenched in sweat. Night sweats can have various causes. One of the most effective solutions is the right bed sheet. If you are prone to night sweats, you should pay particular attention to breathable and temperature-regulating fabrics that allow air to circulate. These include 100% natural fabrics such as cotton. Discover a new, dry feeling when you wake up!

How often should I change the sheets?

It is recommended to change sheets and bed linen in general every 7-14 days to maintain appropriate hygiene and minimise all germs and dander. If you suffer from allergies or have a tendency to night sweats, you should change your bed linen more frequently.

What does thread density mean?

The thread density (also known as thread count) describes how many threads run horizontally and how many vertically on a square centimetre of surface. The higher the thread density, the less transparent the fabric is.

What does the grammage of a fabric mean?

The grammage or density of a fabric refers more precisely to its weight. It indicates how densely woven or heavy a fabric is in grams per square metre (g/m2). The higher the number, the better the quality. SchuetteⓇ fitted sheets have a noble weight of 155 g/m2 .

What is the height of the fitted sheets?

The height of the footboard refers to the total height that is to be covered with a bed sheet. If your bed only has a mattress, the height of the sheet refers to the height of the mattress. If your bed is also fitted with a topper or similar, the height of the mattress and topper should be measured together to determine the height of the mattress. The height of our fitted sheets is between 20-30 cm. The additional excess of 10 cm at the corners is tucked under the mattress and its corners

Schuette® Spannbettlaken mit Rundumgummi • 90 x 200 x 20 cm • Wow Kollektion: Weiß
Schuette® Spannbettlaken mit Rundumgummi • 90 x 200 x 20 cm • Wow Kollektion: Weiß
Schuette® Spannbettlaken mit Rundumgummi • 90 x 200 x 20 cm • Wow Kollektion: Weiß
Schuette® Spannbettlaken mit Rundumgummi • 90 x 200 x 20 cm • Wow Kollektion: Weiß
Schuette® Spannbettlaken mit Rundumgummi • 90 x 200 x 20 cm • Wow Kollektion: Weiß
Schuette® Spannbettlaken mit Rundumgummi • 90 x 200 x 20 cm • Wow Kollektion: Weiß
Schuette® Spannbettlaken mit Rundumgummi • 90 x 200 x 20 cm • Wow Kollektion: Weiß
Schuette® Spannbettlaken mit Rundumgummi • 90 x 200 x 20 cm • Wow Kollektion: Weiß